Friday, March 10, 2006

Nearly forgot. I think my plan of doing a spell on the turbo a couple of early morings a week is paying off. Weight down from a scary 86kg to a more manageable 82.6kg. So if I am able to continue with my self-discipline of eating, and 2 early turbo sessions combined with 1 or 2 hard evenig sessions, I should not put any on, antd loose a little more. I also need to get able to do 3 hour hard road sessions, so I really must go out this weekend.
This week i have done;
Mon - nil
Tue; 18 mins early easy turbo.
evening; 5 x 3 mins hard.
Wed; 20 mins early easy.
Thu evening; 9 x 20 secs @ 140+ rpm.
Fri; up and a few press-ups.
So I should be happy as the weekend is nearly here, and I had a bacon/mushrrom sandwich from the caravan by the Malt Shovel up dudley Road this morning.
But I heard from Joanne that he had been missing lectures, and may have to re-take a whole year, just like he did with his A' levels. He took a mixture of anti-depressants, sleeping pills and beer on Wednesday night. Ho, hum.
Hearing lots of news about our people-loving Governments plans for a 'super region', called Birmingham super city (ha hahaaha ha) and will include Birmingham, The Black Country and Telford. Telford ? Where ? Oh that crappy area the last lot of bumbling socialists made up. The 'chief executive' (what the fuck ?) is 'delighted'. Of course, he can be included in another level of government with a big pay rise and a bigger office, more lackeys.
Another spot of bad news is from Holland where the Dutch cities are voting in the socialist, and its all down to the immigrant (muslim) vote. They certainly know what side their bread is buttered ! Vote for the bunch of tossers that give them lots of benefits. The people that want to have 'inclusion' and 'dialogue' and 'openess' and a 'fair society'. Which usually means its fine to allow a bunch of medieval thugs to pursue what they laughingly call 'the religion of peace' by beating thier wives, murdering Jews and hating America. But as all good socialists know, america is inherently bad, what with thier cultural imperialism, imposing coke and burgers on the world. The rotters. Fancy making people buy computers using an evil operating system from Seattle. We should all convert to some operating system designed by socialists or muslims. That famous lot of sand niggers that invented, er maths. According to any stupid apoligist for islam, the Arabs invented modern maths. Except they didn't. That was the Greeks. All the Arabs did was use an arabic symbol for zero. And that was in use before moohamed came along in about 620.
Funny about history, About the time the taliban were destroying statues of Buddha in Afghanistan I was talking to Mo about religions, and mentioned that Judaism was at least 3000 years old, and Budhism about 2500. He seemed surprised. He didn't belive that any religions were older than islam ! I don't think he believed me. Which is an interesting peek into the mind-set of a 'tolerant', educated muslim. He is brain-washed into believing his dumb religion is as ald as life.
Fucking hell, I better get a life, its just a bunch of towel heads, and religion is the biggest joke perpetrated on mankind ever !
Musr RIDE MY BIKE this weekend. I mean properly, 30 miles on the roads, not 30 minutes on the turbo.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Thursday is tradionally my crap day of the week, but Wednesday is running close, or rather Wednesday evening, so thats almost Thursday.
'phone rang yesterday evening, it was Joannes boyfriend's sister, he took an overdose and is in hospital in Bristol. Right after that call, Joanne rang (she had left her mobile at home, charging so they couldn't get in touch with her) saying she didn't want a lift from college as she is leaving early. So I told her to wait.
Jayne came with me, and they sat in the back, and she was terribly upset. Jayne was a pain in the arse. Best she hadn't come. So Joanne called his mum, and got some more of the story. Happened Wednesday morning, early, as Joanne had a text from him saying 'sorry, I love you'. Took them both to Joanne's office so that she could collect tickets for Bristol, Jayne went to see her off from New Street.
Heard later that he had gone to the docs for some unspecified reason, and his mum said that he had insomnia and maybe made a mistake with the pills he took, as a medical student, I doubt it.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Money for - old rope ? - nothing ? - being a creep ?
The lovely socialist Government has announced all well behaved teenagers that polish thier shoes and wash behind thier ears are to be given millions of pounds of taxpayer's money.
Its some sort of bribery scheme, along the same lines of 'don't skive off school and we will give you 30 quid a week'. Which has been so sucessful. Well, �30 per week for not skiving school ? I wouldn't have got it. My son don't get it either, as its only open to povs earning less than �30,000 per year. So thats another reason to be a pov, lots of state money.
I just get the feeling that parental earnings of more than �30,000 p.a. will mean no weekly money for the well-behaved offspring.
The boy is well-behaved, but he hasn't seem to have met much in the way of temptation as yet.
Unlike the girl, that recently admitted to drinking a bottle of wine before she sat her GCSE maths exam. And she would never had received that weekly attendance cash off the Government as she was an even bigger skiver than I was.

Whatever, I just have to put this in, nicked from the BBC News site;

Well-behaved teenagers are to be rewarded with a so-called "good behaviour card" to spend on sport and leisure, under plans being unveiled.
Chancellor Gordon Brown wants to give 13-19 year-olds up to �25 a month to keep them "off the streets", as part of a crackdown on anti-social behaviour.
But youngsters who repeatedly misbehave will have their cards withdrawn.
"The hardcore will not get it. This is for the decent, well-behaved young people," the chancellor told the BBC.

Yippee. Money for being smug gits and patted on the head by passing coppers.

Anyhoo, did 15 mins easy on the turbo yesterday morning, then 4 sets of moderate 3 mins at 105rpms with a 2 min rest. And 20 mins easy this morning. Pity I can't get off my arse and do something at the weekend, as my weight is going up, at least under 84K this morning, by virtue of no junk food.
Bought some lights a while back, with the idea of doing an hour when I get home in the evening, but the weather so far has been awful. Nice text off Hazel. What to do ?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Kofi Annan. He is the boss of the United Nations, that august body which helps keep the world a peaceful place, or so I used to think.
The United Nations peacekeeping force (Dutch soldiers, their motto; 'we didn't see anything and our guns are never loaded') watched while Serbs took a couple of thousand muslims off to murder them. Thats OK because Dutch are a bunch of cowardly arse-lickers. Then in Sudan the UN ignore slavery and forced islamisation of christians and tribal peoples, and also ignor mass murder and rapes. So at least the UN are even-handed, they close their eyes to killings by both sides of the great divide. But when it comes to being nice to bad people they are terrific ! In Kofi Annans eyes that dirty killer Arafat was a saint ! Its possible he may have died of an aids related illness, as he was alledged to have gone in for mass orgies with his male bodyguards. His wife lives in Paris, is now very rich and often says 'praise be to allah', well, she inhereted a fortune. Where did all that money come from ? Extortion I suppose, and stolen from the poor of Palestine. Yet Arafat got a Nobel proce for peace ! How odd, a terrorist given an award for peace. Ho hum.
Arrived home and the wardrobe is in stock at Ikea said David. So after tea, off to Ikea. Put passenger seat flat to fit packs in, but that meant I could only get 3, 4 and 5th and reverse gear.
Which meant when I stopped at an island a horrible lot of revving to start, and some blue smoke and a burning smell, hope my clutch isn't damaged.

Monday, March 06, 2006

There is a film about the US detention camp at Guantanamo Bay, in Cuba. Cuba ? Isn't that ruled by that bad beardy that ill-treats his own people ? So whats it doing in cuba, a land that hates the US ? (A land that is loved by lefties the world over, because the boss of Cuba has got a beard)
Anyhoo. The film, I suppose, goes along with the trendy lefty views that Guantanamo Bay is a bad thing. I'm making this supposition without hearing or reading about the film. I don't really want to either. If the US sees fit to incarcerate its (and our) enemies then good for them. The people that seem most annoyed about this are gullible lefties and Muslims. Seeing as Muslims all seem to believe in god and that non-Muslims are bad, anything that annoys them is fine by me.
Anything that annoys lefties is more than fine, as most are well educated and should know better. They would get short shrift indeed if Muslims ruled the roost, as they would like to.
What is a shrift anyway, and why is it short ?
One of the people held, then relased was one Mozzam Begg, form the sunny climes of the West Midlands. He admits to going to training camps in Afghanistan, 'to fight the US'. So why was he released ? Because he is a Brit ? Thats pretty bad, I would prefer if he was locked away. Much better if the US troops had shot all the people they picked up in Afghanistan. Jobs a good un !
Oh its Monday. Last week I worked at home on Wednesday and Thursday. Did some turbo work. Friday ho hum, went to Merry hill and bought a nice bracelet, then Shifnal, Great Bridgford, M6, A34 & various meandering lanes by Macclesfield and Pott Shrigley (?), where I came to some roadworks with parked van, overtook the van and blimey, the van was stopped at temporary traffic lights ! Carried on anyway. Ended up in sharston, and thought she was out, so knocked the door, but she was in. So had a nice hour talking. Then back down M6.
Saturday, mainly eat, pizza for tea. Sunday went to see Dad and The Fort.
Now eight 85K. Really bad, my guts feel rough, a few days of starving are needed.