Thursday, June 07, 2007

Big boys and some toys;

Woodlands Airgun Club members posing with their toys on a Sunday morning in June.
An excellent place to learn how to safely handle and shoot an airgun, the laws regulating use and ownership of firearms and how to be a good target shooter.
There is a zeroing range, to practise target shooting and check the accuracy of ones airgun and a field target course.

What is this lump of rock I see before me ? Its a bit of scoria

possibly from the 1950s eruption of Nea Kameni, Santorini in the lovely Agean Sea. Alost 2 years since I was there. Ho hum.

Now I'm on the idiotic project from hell, where I may get a trip to Mexico at the very least which might just make all the crap thats happened worthwhile, ish. Why prolong the agony of a crap company trying to do business ? Just sell off your shares Mom and Pop, and let us sink or swim in the real world.
BBC on-line news:

British Soldier killed, non-entity leaves a reality tv show - which is more important to the BBC ?
They both get equal billing so, according to the BBC, are equally important.
Do the BBC editors or whoever decides what goes where on their news website really think that reality tv ranks alongside death ? Maybe they do, but they are a bunch of cunts. Whats worse, is that a lot of the public think that reality tv is more important than anything in the whole wide world.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Some alcohol in a relaxed social situation.

I drink red wine, at home, often whilst sitting in the garden, to enjoy myself ! How dare I do that, and go against the wishes of those that know best. I also drink cheap and horrid lager (fine when freezing cold) and much nicer but more expensive beer at home. I have even been know to drink in bars and hotels. I must realise I am wrong and mend the error of my evil ways, before a policeman knocks on the door:
Evening Sir, you have exceeded your monthly wine allowance, and 'tis only the 2nd of the month, would you accompany me to the station so we may beat you with rubber truncheons ? You won't wish to ever exceed your allowance after we have finished with you, will you Sir ?

Car is due to be fixed by tomorrow or Friday. Oh good. Have to struggle into the office tomorrow to attend a crisis meeting on 'why the conversion is still not finished'. Obvious really, define exactly what is wanted, and do it, and check what is done is what was wanted. don't do a little bit, change the rules, do some more, decide what you have is OK, then decide it isn't OK.
Bunch of wankers, from here right the way to Santa Barbara.

May seemed cold and wet, but the Met Office announce May was 1 C above normal ! And yet Heathrow airport recorded the second coldest ever day in May ? Eh ? So May was cold, but warmer than average. Oh, of course with global warming it can never, ever be colder.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

National Punch a Hippy day

After watching the normal collection of hippies, pretend anarchists, twats in dreadlocks (a white in dreadlocks is just so wrong) attacking police in the anti-G8 demonstrations I thought its time the tables were turned on the collection of no-marks that protest at everything. Whatever they call themselves, however they dress and have their hair cut, they are all a bunch of hippies.
And what is the best thing to do to a hippy ?
Yes, punch him, so there should be a National (eventually International) Punch a Hippy Day.

DiLuca won the Giro, I have been out on my mtb, been shooting and David zeroed in my 'scope so I managed to knock some of the field targets down (!), the lawns are mown, it isn't raining, Scrapheap Challenge is on next, and I have a couple of tins of cheap crappy lager cooling in the fridge. Life is good (except for broken car - had to drive to the shooting club in Mrs C's car, ho hum)