Friday, May 16, 2003

Just when I thought things were going nowhere, and the only thing I could do was to arrange a Three Kings type gold bullion robbery (I watched Three Kings last night) along comes an email from a French guy asking if I would care to join the BI team as a UK corvu representative. So I thought 'what the hell is that ' ? I did some of this at I-R 3 years ago, so yes, what the hell lets agree. So now I am off to Schipol for a course in June. Excellent, something new and a move into Business Intelligence, fnarr fnarr.
Well, another thing I could do is go and live in Lancashire somewhere in a cottage with Hazel.
Today is Friday and here I am in the office at Merry Hill. How merry. So what has transpired since I last posted my words on this here virtual diary ?
On the 14th May I posted, I drank a lot on the evening before, that was at home after spending most of the day driving round Lancashire with Hazel.
Had a coffee in Rivington Barn. Nice prints of round Rivington, I am sure I could paint as well as those. Gave Hazel a couple of water colours I did back in 1985/1986.
Haven't ridden my bike since Sunday. Said last night who has noticed what I have been doing different, only Joanne noticed I haven't ridden my bike for a while ! Might go and watch the track at Halesowen this evening to see about buying/borrowing a track bike with the idea of racing. Must get back to training over the weekend, I have felt jaded with the crap effort at the 3-day, then not bothering to race on Sunday. No races this weekend, Inberrow next and the Coventry 2-day the following. Not sure after that, I had better check.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

My coach suggests 3/6 days off from training to fully recover from whatever ails me. Alcoholism more like
Here I am. A Brummy that isn't a Brummy, Brummy born, Scottish bred, of no fixed abode. Yet I find home in the cold grim North. Lancashire. Rusholme, Wythenshaw. These places are my true home. Why. Why have I become attached to these Northern realms ? what unseen pull has drawn me ? Long before I knew its source Joy Division, New Order, Morrisy. Unkown people of the North West pulling me there.
I can't beleive I'm doing what I'm doing now and not what I was doing a little while back. Time passing is like some sort of massive scam. We have something, a momemt of enjoyment then its gone. Stolen by time. Eargrrgh. Whats this ? Proseletysing you fuckwitted fool ?
Tuesday. Wednesday morning in point of fact. 0100.
Thursday evening I rode the midland RT '16 and did 41.07. Peter did 41.04. 3 seconds, lost more slowing down at the left turn in Shrewley.
Saturday 2 steady hours. sunday 2 hard hours, then went round Lea End with David on the mtbs. Nice.
Monday worked at home, then left and drove up the M42, M1, over the A612? to the M57 and thus to Didsbury where I went to the Brittania Country house. Went & collected Hazel. Wandered round Trafford Centre, bought the book 24 hour party people by Anthony H Wilson. Who is back presenting Granada local news after being pulled off air for swearing, I think fuck was used. Well, bought 2 bottles of some Californian red, drank 1.5 of them. In the morning a really enjoyable drive around Todmorden, Bacup, Darwen. tockholes and over Winter hill to Rivington Barn for a coffee. Went next to Botany Bay. A rip-off. �2.50 to get in, which meant having a membership card with free admission for a year. Now I realise why all the times I went past I never visited; my natural common sense prevented it ! whatever, changed times and sensibilities. Must do something about that, insert a slice of common sense. Patronising fucker, thats me. Now feel sort of empty and uncertain. Drove back after taking Hazel home, over A6 & Pott Shriglley, Harpur Hill, Longnor, to almost road to Uttoxeter, Mayfield, A515, A50, A38, Asda, Burger King on Kingsbury Rd. then finally that place home. Or not home with the lingering imagining aroma of perfume, its not home.