Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Wednesday. On holiday.
Er, Monday we went to Hatton Country Farm and bought lots of dry cure bacon. Then the heavy-duty fence panels and 4" fence posts were delivered. Cut a few more bits of the pyrocantha. Drank some beer.
Tuesday, up and started. Trimmed back more bushes, then demolished the fence. Then found the first fence post (of 4) had a massive lump of concrete round it, well deep. Jayne had a brainwave, hire a pneumatic drill ! So I went up to a hire shop in Longbridge, hired an electric floor breaker. Brilliant. I would never have got the concrete out without it, even it id did weigh about 125 Lbs ! Then put the new posts in, then the new fence panels. Finally finished at about 20.30.
Today took the concrete breaker back, and bought more boards to finish off the fence. And then took Joanne to Sainsbury's to get some food for next week. And bought some wine.