Friday, August 19, 2005

Today is my last day for two weeks. Two weeks away, whoo hoo !
And my pay for this month is rather more than usual, I have my car allowance and overtime for travel to Greece. Whoopee.
Ordered a telescope yesterday, and would also like to order a new frame, as Planet-X has some excellent alu lightweights for less than two hundred quid !
Must remember to leave for hundred quid in for my first car installment, all the rest are 321, but 1st is 444. Blimey.
So, its two weeks holidays from today and I just don't feel like working today.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Well, heres a thing. I actually planned on a ride yesterday, arrived home and went !
Up to Hopwood, Barnt Green, Pikes Pool, Gambolds, Tardebigge, Hopwood and that last hill really hurt. 22 miles and no wasps.

Monday, August 15, 2005

And Monday again;
Went on msn on Saturday evening, and fell asleep, leaving it on. Had a message off Hazel. Woke at 4.00 on Sunday. Sent her an email today. She is going in for tests this week as to why she had a stroke. I hope its all OK.
Went to the track on Friday, gave Lee a lift there from Blackheath station. And lent him my shorts. Did a warm up, took a few pics. Home.
Saturday took Joanne to swap her faluty CD player. Then went to look at telescopes with David at a nice little camera shop in Kings Heath. It rained mostly all day, really heavy.
Drank lager in the evening.
Sunday took Dad for dinner, and took him a long drive home. That was about the most exciting thing I did. Had thoughs of going out on my bike, but blimey, it was cold ! 14 C on saturday, 17 C on Sunday.