Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I am a GEEK.

I can't help it, I'm naturally a geek, though I may have un-geekie tendencies and do stuff that isn't really geeky, I am, at heart, a geek. And i really must stop taking the piss out of Islam.
Its just another religion, for fucks sake.
Oh, did 20 miles on Saturday, including grinding up Wast Hill in a little teeny gear that a weak puffy girl would be able to use. Sunday was going out for a quick spin in the morning, but didn't, then after taking Dad home from dinner, but didn't. Lazy. Drank 3 1/2 tins of crap lager and some wine. In consequence I felt totaly bloody awful yesterday, was sick. That'll learn me. Learn me or teach me ?
Just ordered tickets for The Mighty Boosh at NIA

Monday, February 27, 2006

Fuck everything, and everyone. Especially anyone that believes in a god.
And squirels, and bats, and elephants those great big tusky fuckers. Turm 'em all into piano keys and umbrella stands. Stuff all those hairy sodding antelopes, the great big useless twats.
I hope all them dumb lemmings fall off a cliff, like they never did in that Disney film. Pointy-nosed gits the lot of 'em.
Rats and rhinocerousses should all be boiled alive, in hot lead. Those lumpy wobbly-eared furry fuckers, rabbits, all deserve to be put through a bacon slicer. And emus need to be burnt.
In fact the whole so-called animal 'kingdom' is populated by frauds and evil monsters. Like bears. Whats the point of bears ? All they do is eat people. And tigers and lions and all those nasty sharp teethed bastards that live in jungles and what not. And jungles, they are a total waste of space. Rainforests ? Whats the point of a forests where it always rains ? Deserts ? Whats all that about ? Sand and Arabs, get rid of deserts and solve all mankinds problems at a stroke as muslims would have to become normal humans like everybody else.

Mondays ? I hate them. Qed ? Waste of space.
Alcohol ? Bad news.
Whoopee ! Islam is cool ! I can kill my wife and be a hero, which can't be bad.
Loads of Pakkis and sand niggas can't be wrong ? Can they ?