Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I done it. Just asked FredWs to get me a pair of carbon tub rim track wheels.
Ho hum.
Bought the children an I-dog each. I would like one too, but after splashing out 400 quid on a pair of wheels, better not.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Another Monday
Left office at 16.30 last Wednesday & to Fred Williams in Wolverhampton, bought a Dura-Ace chainset, looked at the Navigator cheap track wheels, decided I didn't like them.
Saturday morning went out and did the Gambolds route, hard into the wind out along the Bristol Road and up to Rednal, but recovered after that and felt good. Took David to his work experience job at the library. Shopping in town with Jayne on the train in the afternoon.
Up early with the idea of a ride on sunday, but freezing fog made the fireside more preferable. Went to the hardware shop with David and bought some blue LEDs to put on the evergreen in the front garden. Collected Dad for dinner.
Put lights on front of house and on tree, look good. Collected Joanne from station she had spent the weekend in Bristol.
Ugh, Monday. Trying to cheer myself up by thinking about a pair of Navigator carbon wheels, and getting ultra-fit by training on the turbo. Not lost any weight though.