Thursday, June 29, 2006

Outside a mine, Death Valley.

This is just over 10 years ago, when my Mum was still alive. It seems so long ago, much longer than 10 years. Well, we saw a snake down that mine, and Jim (in the middle) is terrified of snakes ! And Vic was the same Vic that worked on the horrible Athens system !
On 1 July 1916 My Grandad was fighting in the Battle of The Somme.
Private Donald Watt, Lancashire Fusiliers.

Thanks to him, and all my other relatives and everybody else that fought in 2 World Wars, I am free to post total drivel on my blog. And hold all sorts of opinions and disagree with people, and hurl abuse at those who govern the Country.
Long may this state of affairs last, but it looks like the lovers of true freedom have a fight on their hands.

Why did a chap from Northern Scotland join a Lancashire Regiment ?

Uncle Eddy was a Scots Guard, Uncle Todd was in the Highland Light Infantry (I think), Uncle Rex was in, what ? Thats only the ones I know. My Mother joined the Royal Nursing auxilliary in 1945 when she was 17.
Something that is not in any way shape or form good - islam.

Well, the Israelies are kicking islamic arse in som shithole place, and the Russkies say the people that killed 2 Russian diplomats will be eradicated. Good for them, except they have the nerve to blame us for the problems. Well, if the Russkies hadn't cosied up to Saddam with oil-for-food etc. the problem might not have happened in the first place. Oh I dunno, I think that whoever is against the US is a friend of Russia.
Arrived home yesterday determined to ride, was getting ready when it started raining !
So had a session on the turbo.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Some things are good, some things are not so good. This applies to many things. Shops. Shops are generally good. What a joy to go shopping at Asda in Horwich at 23.30 when I had the urge to eat crisps and drink some cheap wine. How cool is that ? Twenty years back I'd be lucky finding a supermarket selling a decent range of wine, let alone one that stayed open all night.

Isn't everything brilliant !

We (me too, sometimes) moan about the horribleness of the consumer society, but, oh boy, its just so good.
Even garages have a mini-mart attached, so I can fill up with petrol, buy some paracetamol, a tin of Red Bull and a bottle of wine for later.
Which reminds me, I must get a dust-cap for my front wheel as the fitter forgot to fit it.
Was it a Kwik Fit fitter that forgot to fit it ?
No, Tyre Sales. 2 punctures in a similar thing in 5 weeks, left hand front had a big nail, then on Friday I noticed some steel in the right hand front, and could see air coming out.
Must take in the PC from home to see about getting 300 Gig disc fitted.
Nothing last night, had a nice home-made beefburger.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The puppet.

Did 5 minutes on the turbo yesterday, then it started making an alarming grinding noise.
Checked it out, the left-hand axle bearing was loose. Tightened it, carried on, then David came with a call from one of the people riding my race. Cue end of session.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Hers a picture I took of the new Spanish currency;

I was warned not to go into the town centre of La Almunia de Dona Gardena because of 'the Africans'. Not Africans, Arabs in fact.

Global warming 1000 years pefore present;

Global warming in 1000 A.D. ? Whats going on there ? Were the Vikings using coal to power their longships ? were the Indians burning the rainforest ? I think their ancestors should be made to apologise for the natural disaster that made Greenland habitable and the weather in Europe so nice that farming prospered and built the wealth of Nations.


Some sort of creature escaped from a zoo in Cumbria, and Police warned us 'not to approach it, it is extremely dangerous'. The creature is a porcupne, about 1 foot long.
Dangerouse my arse, I bet a hedgehog would eat it for breakfast.
What do hedgehogs eat, I woner ? Do they just slurp bread and milk, like the one that lived in our garden in 1980 ? Do they eat hamburgers ?
La Almunia de Dona Gardena

This is where I stayed for 2 nights last week at the rather nicely named el Patio hotel. An excellent hotel, and only 48 Euros a night for a big, clean, air-condidtioned room.
Blow me down, the Spanish work long hours. They spend so much time arguing and talking its a wonder they ever get any work done !
Anyhoo, it was hot, 34 C, and Wednesday night we went for a meal at a great restuarant whre I paid something like 20 Euros for 4 glasses of beer, and steak and chips that were perfect.
No salad or stupid vegetables ! Next project is to learn Spanish, just like I tried to learn French 10 years ago. Ha.
Did 25 hard miles on Saturday afternoon, had a few beers, and vodka. Sunday Dad for dinner, then did 12 slow plodding miles. Feel a bit keener about riding, must get fit to ride the Midlands track champs.