Friday, May 31, 2002

And, as well as paying too much for a shirt just for, a. the name and b, the embroidery on the cuffs, I bought the new version of AKIRA issued on DVD last year. Once I figured out how to get the software going on my laptop so I could watch it (The DVD tried to load stuff on and was asking for registration details to set up a cookie to send to some server) I realised there was additional dialogue and scenes either cut from the 1989/1990 ? original, or added to it in creating the DVD. The DVD edition has been digitally re-mastered, that I know. So far I've watched about half, and it really is an outstanding piece of Manga. The only other as good so far is Ghost in the Shell. I'm really looking forward to watching the whole thing one evening next week, after the 2-day and decorating Joannes bedroom is out of the way.
Friday. Eve of another slogging stage race. Yesterday evening did a steady 27 miles around Winter Hill. I sort of considered going on the bash but really just needed a steady ride after training hardish on the bash on Tuesday, and sprint training on Wednesday.
It did'nt exactly rain on me but I rode through places where there had just been heavy showers as I could see one or two in the distance. The effect was the same as being in a shower. The effect led to me having to wash the grit and shit out of my shorts and socks. Then I cleaned my wheels in the bath which left a tide mark of that grey gunge made by wet, road muck and brake blocks. Had a go at cleaning off this mark from the bath this morning and banged the inside of my elbow on a bath handle. Did'nt hurt, but straight off I had pins and needles running down my arm and I felt like sitting down, a very odd sensation. If I had'nt have banged my elbow I would have thought it was a thrombosis. Ugh, not a nice thought. My elbow still a bit sore now, an hour later. I hope its all better for tomorrows little outing.

Thursday, May 30, 2002

Thursday. Soon be the weekend. Now I'm beginning to look forward to the 2-day race. Lets not let on to the old boot, if she thinks I'm enjoying racing she might just object to me going. This would be interesting, as I've said to myself I'll leave her rather than stop racing this time round.
Oh fucking hell, its raining. Not just a shower but full on; its big and wet and its falling from the sky.
Did a set (10, 12, more ? I lost count) of 12 second sprints. On a slightly uphill stretch of road with a strong cold wind on my l/h side. Most sprints got up to 30/31 mph at the end of 12 seconds. Never really breathed hard. Used 53x14 a 100' gear. Next time I'll use 53x13.
Felt OK until I came to ride up a slight hill, then yes, my legs hurt so I did push hard in each of my sprints. 30 mph after a rolling start of 22/24 mph on that road seems OK to me. This evening just plan a 20/30 mile steady ride, take some food and drink and try and enjoy a spin over the Lancashire moors. Providing the rain stays off, if not it will be 0 miles in a hotel bedroom. Well at least I'll have more time to wash my racing tops, which I gotta do anyway.
Went again to Selfridges and bought a Paul Smith ? shirt, with roses embroidered on the cuffs. 80 quid, a bargain ! Not content with buying a 100 quid shirt last week. Now this week I've bought a 45 quid and an 80 quid designer shirt. Stupid poser.
Just read a terrible review of the re-released 'God Save the Queen' by the Sex Pistols. References are; 'hideously atrocious dance remixes' (i really do like those remixes) and 'knackered sad old punks' (I hope thios means John Lydon).
Well I'm knackered sometimes, a little sad, don't dye my hair (a bit difficult that) and sometimes act mad, or rather drunk and stupid. I suppose buying a designer shirt with 'destroy' written down the sleeves is'nt exactly an act of rebellion. More a pose. I suppose I'm still relevant as my attitudes are relevant. If not then fuck everybody.

Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Ho hum. Wednesday, sober and bored. Yesterday afternoon got the guys in the US on the server here and sorted out at least one problem. Then I went on the Horwich bash. Imagine my horror as one after another of the MK Cycles guys turned up, then 2 lesser riders, then a guy out of the GB squad. Off we went, ater 2 miles we'd dropped the other 2 lesser riders. Up through Adlington and into the wind the GB rider was pushing it so I kept off the front. Did 1 lap of Rivington, ugh, start of second lap MK sticky-out ears guy pushed it hard, then over the top of the hill he just dropped off the back.
I went to go through, tatooed arms was pushing hard and I dropped back, then thought sod it. Lets not get kicked by young fit strong riders today, lets wait for the other 3 that got dropped, waited a long time though, and did a whole lap on my own and turned back before they appeared !
We then waited for the MK/GB threesome, did the last lap with them, and boy did it hurt up the hills. Rode back through Horwich chatting to old guy (53, not that far off for me) that rides LVRC, he's riding the 2 day this weekend.
If I stay up here in Horwich I might stop going on the bash if the same riders turn up each week. Now I know why no-one else goes. Whats the point of 3 guys riding so hard everyone else gets shelled out ? These group rides should stay together. There was one guy, one of the lesser riders. When he went to the front he went too hard and roared off, then he got dropped afer 2 or 3 turns on the front ! Whats that about ? Apparently no-one has told him how to ride in a group, if he was helped he would last longer and get more out the ride. No-one helps him, but if I see him again, I will advise him on the finer points of 'bit and bit' riding. The old guy said he had only raced a couple of seasons. Well on my first go in a training bash I was given advice, and seemed to get advice from all sorts of people. Old pros, the club coach, other riders. Doe'snt anyone help out inexperienced riders nowadays ?
Then finished off my evening by washing all my cycling socks and shorts.
Weather is still cold, windy and wet. Rained loads yesterday but stayed dry for the bash, started spitting when I got back to the hotel.
This evening might do some intervals. As in 6 seconds flat out in a big gear. I would rather do this than a long ride. I'll do a long but steady ride Thursday evening, weather permitting.
Oh, talked to the old boot and the male fruit of my loins has crashed on his bike. Again. I thought he was getting too cocky. Sunday he decided to tuck his trousers in on the move and hime & the bike did a somersault. Not much injury though he did scratch all the top of his STI shifters. Yesterday evening he skidded on some gravel and came down on his elbow. Had to pick out some gravel with tweezers. Ah, I remember the joy of picking gravel out of my elbow once-upon-a-time. Lets hope this does'nt deter him from cycling too much. You see son, with fun often comes pain. Not in exact measures, but its usefull to know the consequences of the ground. The ground is much harder than us. So try not to hit it.

Monday, May 27, 2002

Did I Shag The Girl With The Gucci Shoes at Nottingham University in 1992 ? No I don't think so. I did get pretty well smashed on her dope though.
Aha. So we approach the jubilee with unbounded glee. Do I fuck. I approach the jubilee with a frisson of fear, this weekend I'm riding yet another long slogging race. 4 mile time trial, 40 mile road stage on Saturday. 70 mile road race over the North Cotswolds on Sunday. Sort of hilly. Then, joy of joys, Monday and Tuesday I'm painting my fruit-of-my-loins bedroom. Why she has'nt moved out to a flat is a mystery to me. Maybe she is becomming more freindly with me old boot.
Well, as they say; God Save The Queen.
We're the future. Yor future.
Fucking hippies, yuppies, post-punks, new romantics, casuals, moshers, scallies.
and you, you boss-eyed get. Yes you. Go and fuck yourself with a blunt cut-throat razor.
When did I last post a blog... lets look, 24th, that was Friday. Saturday had a nice ride out round Belbroughton, Saturday was the Eurovision song contest, so that meant I just had to get some wine, a bottle of Hoegaarden and crisps. Sat watching the crap-fest of odd, badd, bad and odd, just plain stupid acts. Euromusic is getting blander. It was much better in the old 'bing bang a bong' days of truly awful euro-pop. Now we have a bunch of serious ballads and half-arsed attempts at pop songs. Only two really funny novelty acts, the robot men and the transvestite air stewardesses. God knows what country they were from, but the made the whole thing worth watching, that and the excellent commentary from Terry Wogan. Oh yes, the presenters were risible. I counted 5 costume changes by thhis pair of sad euro clones.
Got up 07.20 on sunday morning, but quickly realised that outside was very, very wet. Had a small breakfast of frosties. Rain was'nt stopping, so called Pete (who was still in bed) and called it off. Then I eat a big breakfast of bacon sandwiches. And coffee. Looked on the web. Took David to Halfords bike hut in Erdington to buy him a new pump & handlebar grips.
The bike hut is pretty poor. Lots of mountainbike stuff, but not much in the way of road parts or spare parts. Maybe I'm spoiled as I shop at Parkers in Sherrifhales, where there are mountains of road parts. Probably because its a mail-order warehouse. Went there on the way in this morning and bought a Dura-Ace cassette, a chain, some embrocation and some rego powder.
Now David is getting keen on cycling. Thats good, I'm not going to push him, just help him out when he asks. I hope I can steer him into becoming a bike racer. Mountain bikes first, then the road. Lets hope so. The sport helped make me what I am, so should be good for him. Whatever, having a success and ability at something is good, and having competed at any sport is only a good thing.
Its always something to have when all else fails. Like now.
Work is crap. Problems with the e-mail stuff here, crisis meeting last Thursday. The outcome was 3rd party to provide someone here to fix, but now they want to get their people in US to look at problem and advise me what to do. That is fucking shit.
Good things;
'God save the queen' re-released.
Bad things;
John Lydon likes the Queen.