Monday, May 18, 2009

Back in the cold dark days of late January, I took a days holiday, and drove to a car park by Derwent Reservoir, parked and set off for a stroll to Bleaklow. Walked along following the Derwent, then up onto the frozen hills along to Swains Head,

then across the bloody hard up and down of peat groughs and patches of snow to Bleaklow Stones. Good fun.
Temperatures about -5, combined with a strong wind made the sweat on my hat freeze.
Saw a couple of white hares.

Then on the descent back to the Derwent Valley got careless and ended up following a valley North so had about 4 more miles to do back to the car, making the day about 15 miles aver the most challenging terrain I ever crossed, sort of like it though. Arrived back totally knackered.