Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Tuesday. Ho, and indeed, hum.
This job, can't help but feel I'm teetering on the edge of doom, as sales dry up.
Oh well, out there into the big, bad world of contracting I go.
The car goes back at the end of April, and i have to buy my own, funded with the pittance of a car allowance the company will give. Which is a worry, if I get redundant, do i really want to drive a big, expensive car ? But, if I do get made redundant, at least I will have my own car to go
off contracting with.
Went and took Joanne and David to Merry Hill on Saturday. Then went up the jolly old M6, and saw Hazel, we went shopping in Tesco, she bought me some antiseptic cream for my eczma on my ear (how romantic) and a bag of scratchings. Then off to the Revolution 7 ! Excellent racing and took a few decent pics, and a few awful ones. Neat drive home, instead of going all through the town to reach the motorway, I went North to the M60 by Ashton, then round the M60 past Stockport, M56, and down the M6. Left the velodrome at 10.15, back home 11.50.