Friday, February 09, 2007

Self-Help Books

There is a self-help book for sale in the array of cheap books that are sold in this office from time-to-time. I flicked through it whilst waiting for the coffee machine to produce some coffee.
I'm buying it ! What a laugh it is ! On water -
The Cherokees (who they) worshipped water, and the anciet Greeks had water as the most important element (no they didn't).
So water is great ! The whole book is packed full of bunkum, a great bargain to provide some much needed mirth in this bleak mid-winter, with global warming freezing my nuts off.
Snow !

Blimey, I was wrong and the weather forecasters were right ! Lots of snow yesterday.
David built a snowman and i lazed, er worked, at home.
In the past couple of days a Thomson seatpost, Cane Creek zero stack headset and some blanking bolts were delivered, so I can start building up my mtb. Still not sure the frame size is perfect.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Big Brother's Shilpa Shetty thanked Tony Blair for his support, while visiting the Houses of Parliament.
The Bollywood actress arrived with her mother to watch prime minister's questions and met Mr Blair afterwards.

From BBC news

Is this what politics in Britain has become ? The Mother of All Parliaments welcoming a minor celebrity and this minor event then being given headline status by our media.

Bollocks to all that.

Bought a Weihrauch HW97K on Monday, part-exchanged my pistol. Now I have to go to a range to give it a try out. Unless the squirrels start making a nusance of themselves in my garden.