Friday, May 05, 2006

Three posts in one day, must be boredom.

Anyhoo, us bloggers ('us' as if I'm a part of some virtual community) seem to be making an impact in the media world;
As the BBC seems concerned. Is it because blogging is an environment where individuals can freely express there views ? An environment free of political correctness ?
I make no bones about my dislike of the cult called islam, that cruel belief based on lies spoken by a murderous child-molester. But to say that in public might well get me put in prison.
Which is terrible. I could stand at Speaker's Corner and rant about how evil Christianity is, or Judaism or Roman Catholicism, but if I was to say that arabs are bestial and backwards followers of an evil cult founded by a monster, I would be in trouble.
Pychobilly ! Brilliant !
Got 2 King Kurt CDs and a live show DVD, excellent stuff !

On the not-so-brilliant front, are we being betrayed by our 'leaders' (Note, the term leader does not apply to Anthony Blair).

From anti-dhimi;

The refusal of the elite class to protect Western nations from Islamic terrorism is the biggest betrayal in history. It is rooted in the mindset that breeds the claim that "force is not an answer" to terrorism, that profiling is bad and open borders are good, that Islam is peaceful and the West is wicked.

Worth a look;

Islam is NOT peaceful. Its Big Book of Instructions allows for child rape and murder.
Friday. Drinking too much. Eating too much and not doing enough training.
Should be riding the track tonight, but not.
I'm in a club team to ride a 3-up TT in two weeks, so as the weather is now warm, I'd better get some training done.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Got out on my best bike on Saturday, I was going to ride a race but I collected the new blind for the shower in the moring, put that up, and varnished the patio table. Did a respectable 20 miles at 17.5 avg, round, er, Ryknield Street. Sunday Dad for dinner, Monday lazed, a day off for May Day.
Tuesday at Leamington, did 10 minutes on turbo.
Wednesday at SSL in Begbroke near Oxford. Nice drive back along A44 over The Cotswolds and down Broadway, in warmth ! Tuesday cool and wet, now its sunny and warm !