Friday, April 16, 2004

From 8 April, 2002;
Monday, April 08, 2002
Seven years ago I was hacking code at a company in Kent, feeling that the world was my oyster, and the only way was up.
Now, I am hacking code at this company in Kent, feeling that the world is my lobster, and the only way is down.
Next Monday I will be back at that company in Kent, hacking code, as I was in 1995. Nine years ago.
Wednesday evening I did a hard session on the turbo, 9 60 secs. @ 120+ rpm, 6 2 mins flat-out.
Yesterday evening I went and did 6 5 min flat-out sessions, along Hopwood, up Weatheroak, Bransons Cross, Tanners Green.
Yippee. Next week I will be in Dartford Mon-Wed, then probably off up to Nelson in lovely Lancashire !

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Weekend so so.
Saturday was supposed to take Joanne to sort out some bracelet she bought, didn't like then the shop wouldn't give her a refund. And it was her birthday too. Did a plod around Gambolds in the afternoon.
Sunday, a plod around Moons Moat, Ullenhall, Earlswood. Took David to Halfords to get a mudguard, then collected Dad for dinner. Bought some beer & wine and drank it in the evening.
Monday, went out & bought trellis & fenceposts. Mowed lawns. Did tidying up of garden. Bought more beer & wine.
Tuesday, watched tv. Went to Town with Joanne for her bracelet. And bought some combat trousers & a t-shirt from Selfridges. Then did a ride around Moons Moat etc, did 4 x 10 minute level 4s.
Wednesday, back to work, boo. Evening, did a turbo session.