Thursday, July 19, 2007

Today's Thursday

That is a 1 in 5, that arrow thing on the map.
Today's Thursday, Thursday is shephard's pie
Wednesday is roaster beef
Tuesday is soup
Monday is washing day
Is everybody happy? You bet your life we are!

Went out this morning, Hopwood - Watery Lane, had to walk 100yds of the 1 in 5 on Ryknild St., back via Headley Heath.12 miles at 15mph. Crap or what ?
The BBC,
according to The Daily Mash:
EVERYTHING broadcast across the BBC network is a deliberate and malicious falsehood, director general Mark Thompson confirmed last night.
Thompson apologised to licence payers after an internal investigation found that editors and producers had been making everything up for at least three years.
The admission comes after a BBC documentary about the Queen was exposed as a fake. The producers were denied access to the monarch and instead used a 65 year-old man dressed in a Barbour jacket and a tiara.
Because of budget cuts, said Thompson, BBC cookery programmes have been unable to use real food since 2005 and were instead using ingredients made from mashed-up leaves.

Thompson also revealed that Jonathon Ross, the BBC's highest paid entertainer, was nothing more than a "jumped-up researcher with a dirty mouth".
Meanwhile BBC news will be overhauled after veteran newsreader Peter Sissons was found to be broadcasting his own fictional bulletins, scribbled down hastily at a curry house in Shepherd's Bush.

Britain is NOT being taken over by Moroccans
Your fridge is NOT full of wasps
The Queen did NOT ask Gordon Brown to stop staring at her chest
Blue Peter IS a front for selling prescription painkillers.

'I didn't do it' Says Master B. Simpson when asked why the BBC broadcast things that were not quite true.
But in a shock twist, a few years ago, my fridge was full of wasps.
Countdown to actually riding a bike - soon.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


That was yesterday.

Today the best laid plans of mice and cyclists and target shooters ganged aft aglie. This morning when we should have been knocking targets down it was raining, a lot. An enormous amount of rain came out the fucking heavens.
Dad for Sunday dinner which I lowered the tone of by not sitting a the table, instead I eat with the plate balanced on my knee watching todays stage of Le Tour. Rushed the old chap home and rushed back in time to watch the boys ascending the final knee-knacking climb. Blimey.
I was so fired up that I donned leg warmers and shorts, went to get my road bike out the garage when i noticed strange maks on the patio. Water, cunting rain again, waited 30 mins but it just became heavier and heavier. Buggery bollocks.
Worked in office, good talk with Jcb on Friday, difficult to keep my eyes off her cleavage, and she knows it. Lots of interesting work but I'm stuck on the crappo project. What a waste of time. I didn't realise (not a z, its not realize, we are not fucking Amereicans) just how many people work on internal systems, fuck me, all that skill and money wasted.
At least I'm not suffering a barbeque in Phillidelphia with Mr Squeaky clean, simple simon and half the fucking management team and the bastard CEO. Looks like I'm going to attend the go-live though. Shit.