Friday, February 27, 2004

Weights on Tuesday. Broke a bit more off a tooth on Wednesday. Was feeling really depressed on Wednesday, started a turbo session but I found myself struggling. So didn't finish it, went out & bought some tins of lager and a bottle of wine. And eat crisps.
Thursday at Minworth, not feeling all that good, sort of depressed. Bought 2 bottles of wine. Drank them, and eat more crisps. Oh dear.
Snow on the ground and freezing cold, so don't know about training this weekend.

Monday, February 23, 2004

Yesterdays ride was quite hard, I just did one long spell on the front, into the wind alongside Niel, who was going like stink as usual, and clipping off on his own every now and again. Why does he do that ? Riding as part of the group rather than close to it is better. So anti-social. Felt OK, wasn't really stretched so fitness and stamina are building, which surprised me considering I have missed two whole weekends, and a couple of Sundays too. The weights and turbo work are maybe paying dividends ? Felt tired riding home afterwards though, and quite tired in the afternoon, drove over & collected Dad to see the new car.
Then bought 4 tins of lager and a bottle of wine. Drank the lot, but no crisps, a little bit of cheese. Quite happy to see my weight is now 78.4Kg.
Spoiled that by eating a XL double bacon cheeseburger, large fries and coke at lunchtime. Hmmm. Rest day today, so more booze ? No ! I'm not at the Swallowfield now,
so may do 20 minutes steady on the turbo and some press-ups sit-ups on the big blue ball.
Another week.
The profits from selling my shares have been paid into the bank. Feeling fairly bloody solvent.
Thursday had an awful drive up the M6, then the A556 was closed. Eventually arrived at 8.30. Went for a drink to a nice new bar in Northenden.
Then to Monton all on my own, where I eat a cold double bacon cheeseburger and a bottle and a bit of wine.
Down to Minworth on Friday.
Saturday up and eventually out to Hopwood, Redditch, lanes to Wooten Wawen, Henley, Tanworth.
Sunday, a club run ! Round the usual sort of places: Huff Cap, Bidford, Welford, Stratford etc. Hard ride.
Did the whole ride, 68 miles, the first time this year bringing my total this year up to 344 miles, which is what I usually do in the first 2 weeks of January.
Last two days very cold, -2 to 5 with a biting NE wind.