Friday, May 21, 2004

Once again, Friday in the office. This time it is 2 weeks since my last post ! Far too long.
What has transpired in the intervening time;
The weekend was drink too much, not ride bike much. Sunday evening drove down to
London, stayed in Stratford, walled along high St. to get some wine and had a few beers.
Monday worked & drove off to Andover.
Tusday gave some training.
Rest of the week in office, oh except Friday in Minworth. And trained on Wednesday evening, on my own at Wood end.
Saturday went on the Bromsgrove bash, and it was warm and sunny !
Drank wine and watched Eurovision on Saturday evening. Sunday did a 40 mile plod on my own, in the warm !
Monday worked at home, drove down to London, drank in High St, & wine in hotel.
Tuesday worked, nice drive home. Wednesday in Minworth. Thursday drove the Thorne, busy drive home.
Today, as I have said in the office.
But, it is dry, and off now to Halesowen track to ride the first track league of the year ! Looking forward to seeing the lasds !