Saturday, October 02, 2004

Hello. Well, life is better.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Blimey, what I thought would be a crap day has turned out better;
Shares are up.
Filled in my tax return (ARGGHH) online, and I am due a refund for tax overpaid !
Filled out my MSN personal profile and clicked on the online dating, filled in some stuff, and there are a few nice ladies of interest !
Blimey, might take the sting out of the whole Hazel affair.
A little bit like the hair of the dog, what made me bad might make me better. But, I don't know, I am not sure I should go into something new, and risk another emotional roller coaster, or worse.
Plus, Dad said he would give me �1000 towards any old stuff, primarily fixing the bloody central heating, which still isn't right.
So ! Life may be crap, but at least I won't be poor (until I get masde redundant that is)

Monday, September 27, 2004

Monday and a whole new view of life.
Whatever happened to my Gold Star book ? The book of the BSA DB34 Gold Start 500cc single cylinder motorbike, the greatest bike they ever made ? I bought it from a bring-and-buy at the Birchfield CC club rooms in about October 1974, but a year later it had disappeared. Where ?
I owned 3 BSAs, The A65, and two A10s, all three 650cc.
Well, whatever, thats 29 years ago now.
But to the present. Hazels card arrived ! Receptionist wants to know who its from ! Err, um.
It was really nice and cheered me up. If only it had arrived before I went a little loopy. Semt a simple text saying thanks, and had a nice reply.
Friday, oh shit. Drank, and drank and drank. We all got shitfaced, went to a nice pub (Bennts) then a club/pub with a poor DJ scratching (Red Peppers) the a quiet bar (Fox) then Extreme for an 80s disco. Oh my aching ears. Danced like a loony (badly). Caught a taxi back with Lynne, tried to get a feel of her enormous tits. Made a fool of myself (me ?).
Felt a little bit odd on Saturday.
Went and helped out at the Midland RT '10 race Sunday morning. Waving a flag with a flourescent jacket on by a traffic island in Meriden.
Saw Dad. Then sat in the garden drinking tins of lager with the chimneything burning a log.
Headline news, might grow a beard, again. But might not.
Must go and enrol at the gym tonight. Going to have to fight back to fitness.