Friday, February 22, 2002

Just realised; The Strokes are the Hives in wigs.
Just done 8 solid hours of WORK and boy, I am knackered. Just a couple of things to finish after this spot of blogging and its the M6 for me.
Oh joy, hours stuck on a bastard motorway.
And the weather looks set for cold and wet/snowy. Just right for cycling.
And the washing machines fucked, so I've got to mend that.
My sons broke a tooth and the cats got fleas, so I'll de-flea the cat, but I cna't fix teeth.
Cnat ? is that a proper word ? I cnat understand ?

Oops, could'nt be arsed past couple of days.
Got pissed last night with a bunch of Scouser scallies, I even bought an Arsehole a pint. Stupid dumb twat, he could'nt understand what fun being an ITer was, and thought that HTML was difficult. The twat.
Anyway, knocked back 4/5 bottles of Becks beer, a bottle of wine, big cheeseburger, crisps then washed down with 6 or so bottles of Vodka Ice.
Finally went to bed at 03.00, then listened to music for a while.
Forgot to watch Banzai again.
Just eat a bacon sarny, feeling pretty good considering the alcahol intake of last night. Maybe I'm still a bit pissed, though I don't feel it. Had a good puke after the bottle of wine, so maybe that cleansed my system and paved the way for more abuse in the form of vodka. 20 quids worth of vodka.
Thank goodness for expense accounts.
Also said the L word to H, who had just arrived back from Stevenage after going up the M1 and M6, why ? Why did'nt she go up the A1/M62, or A1, M18, M62 ? and avoid the fun that is the M6 through Birmingham ?
This may or may not be a significant event in my life, we'll see what transpires, and see if I can see her before I go home this evening.
Soon real hard training will begin, and I will sadly have to curtail industrial strength alcahol intake & late night (early morning) sessions as my body can't take too much, and I won't be able to fully recover from hard training if I have too many, or even any, nights where 2 hours sleep, bad food and alcahol figure strongly. Probably. Unless and when I win something, when I may well celebrate.
Things I like on Friday;
Things I don't like on Friday;
These three things will probably fuck me this weekend, as I try and turn myself into a hard riding cyclist capable of mixing it with the hard men.

Oh yes, just tried to post and got error saying I was'nt logged in, so Blog times out ?

Tuesday, February 19, 2002

Things I like on Tuesday;
Oral sex
Things I dont like on Tuesday;
Toilet bowls
Cleaning up vomit from the bathroom floor
Tuesday. monday has come and gone, gone in style with too much beer and wine, plus a little vodka.
for some reason I did'nt sleep too well last night, felt very rough this moring, even though I did'nt drink all that much.
Maybe it was the weekends hard riding catching up with my old and creaking body.
Well its back to the gym and healthiness today. Apart from a couple of tins of red bull for 'medicinal' reasons.

Monday, February 18, 2002

Monday morning. ArseArseArseArseArseArseArseArseArseArseArseArseArseArseArseArseArseArseArseArseArseArseArseArseArseArseArseArseArseArseArseArseArseArseArseArseArseArseArseArseArseArseArseArseArseArseArseArse.
Gets monotonous after a while ?
But it is Monday morning and I can't think of any better comment.
This blog thing is barely 2 weeks old and already there is an all too depressing pattern emerging; Friday getting happier, weekend, then Monday to Thursday, doom gloom and misery.
So if I put the same old shit each and every week, there seems little point of posting, unless it serves the purpose of keeping me sane.
Not only that, but in this office some witless wanker is playing a 'best hits of some year that should be forgot, including best hits from some other year, where the bands playing said hits should be disembowelled'.
Like I said, Mondays stink, and is playing some crappy selection of tunes a sufficient reason to get off a murdering the offending git playing the medley of hits ?

Sunday, February 17, 2002

Wahey ! Its the weekend, Oh shit ! Its Sunday evening and the weekends nearly ended and tomorrows Monday. Gloom and even more gloom. Think I'll have to get smashed on cheap wine and Vodka tomorrow night to celebrate.
Saturday was thick, cold fog. Managed hour and half medium pace, a bit too cold and damp to push hard. This morning was cold, but did a damn hard thrash along the Evesham by-pass, with Richard Bradley and Beans, who kept missing turns. Later on Bradley jumped off the front going over Ullenhall up to Beans and Pic who had about 200 meters lead, I closed the gap just when Beaans blew, so holding Bradley up the hill was too much for Beans, Once I got on to Bradley and Pic I was OK. Shit it hurt today, my shoulders ached this afternoon after the hard pull along the by-pass, maybe I need more upper-body stregth, I'm pushing big weights already in the gym, so maybe its just lack of specific fitness.