Monday, May 04, 2009

The beach near LLanwit Major, S Wales. Somewhere I didn't expect to spend so much time. Its near where the boy is doing his gap year Year in Industry, he has saved a couple of thou, I have saved 4 thou, that will go soon in tutition fees.

The one remaining colliery in the Midlands, Daw Mill in March 2009.
Has a good few years (40 ?) reserves, and even changed the M6 by causing subsidence.
I even considered becoming a Geologist for the NCB once upon a time, a great career move that would have been.
Todays Monday, Mondays, oh I forget.
A little bit crappy as I'm working, on a day when everybody else is enjoying the Bank Holiday sun in what will be the hottest summer ever with temperatures often over 30 Celcius (copyright the Met Office).
Hold on, what is that outside ? Why its rain and cold. Ha.
Managed 20 measly miles last sunday afternoon. and thats it. Rally couldn't be bothered going out in the cold of a British Bank Holiday weekend. And did some stuff in the garden Saturday, yesterday Dad for dinner. And the thought of spending today talking to a Swiss bloke in India about paper folding machinery data sort of depressed me.
Good couple of days in Southall helping with making sugar puffs: The IT boss found free Progress code that could generate a pdf with lines, text, images and everything, tried it out and in a couple of hours had a pdf packing note with a Hony Monster image, brilliant !
Went into the warehouse to test the RDT programs, a small problem, but then they worked ! So until I decided I would be on call today, a good week. And tried a different meal on Wednesday, far too much to eat, felt totally stuffed, slept OK though but as usual the room was noisy.
Friday fianlly got the faulty trim fixed in the car.
Really raining now, so yah to cycling, I'll wait for the blistering hot weather.