Friday, December 12, 2003

Lots occured since last I wrote here.
Friday, er, just work. Saturday met the lads at Speeds, had a chat, left 'em
at the place they turned right. I turned left
and back via Lower Bentley, Tardebigge, up hill to Rednal.
Then, took David up to look at lights in hardware shop.
Then, off, up M6 (New road soon to open) to Manchester. Was going on I-Rs meal,
but wanted to see Hazel.
Got in at posh hotel, Etrop Grange, by airport for a cut price ! So a good, (too much wine) night.
Had a drive to John Lewis's, then a look at a couple of other shops. Then a walk on Alderley
Edge in the cold, still late afternoon air.
Left car, lift to airport and off to Dusseldorf. Taxi to Willich (200Kph on the autobahn).
Had a few beers.
Monday, Tuesday pretty much the same. Wednesday had a good few beers, then a bottle of wine
listening to CDs on laptop.
Woke up late feeling rough on Thursday. Off at four to airport, back (over N. Sea, great ariel
view of Hull, and right over following M62, past Winter Hill, over Cheshire to land.
Collected car, back down M6, and on new M6 Toll !
Friday, in office, got a second hand snazzy mobile to replace my old Nokia.