Monday, May 21, 2007

Stage 12 of the Giro d'Italia.

The profile of this stage of the race shows it crossing the pass of Colle Dell'angelo at 2744 Meters.
How high ? 2744 ? Thats 9001 feet, more than twice the height of Ben Nevis, The UKs highest 'mountain' and 700M higher than I have ever been (2050M on Moncayo in spain). And they climb from almost sea level. The biggest hill i ever raced over was Clee, going from 250' to 1250' at Clee Hill, including the 1 in 6 of Angel Bank. The first time was in 1976, the last time in 2002 in an Old Fogeys race, alias the LVRC. But 379M isn't quite the same as 2744.

When I came back from working in spain last year I was full of the idea of climbing in the Pyrenees. And what have I done ? A climb of a tiddly Welsh hill covered in snow and ice. So much for that.
A typical weekend of not cycling, but at least I mowed the lawn. And celebrated Mrs Cs big birthday. Now we are both very, very old. Ha, hahahahaha.
Phoned H last week. Hmmm. Had a very strange dream last night, she texted me with details of someone, that was so real when I was waking up I was about to check my mobile for any new messages, as I seem to remember texting a very cutting reply. Ho humdiddy hum.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Chris Moyles: The reason sniper rifles were invented.
Why is this talentless bad mannered fuck given air time ? Is it part of a twin-pronged attack by the BBC; one, to lower us to the level of retards and morons by the inane chatter of radio disc jockeys, and two; the relentless pushing of the communist cause by the apparatchics of the Beeb.
The good old spooks would no doubt have had a file on the whole kit and caboodle of BBC management. Would have, in the days before our leaders sank into a pit of bollocks.
A pit of bollocks ? What that ? We are led by people that make donkeys look good. Oh fucking hell, will the Gay Gordon be a total or an utter dead loss ? Time will tell.

But all is not lost ! The mighty Eurovision was yet again beamed into our living rooms by the Beeboid drones ! Dale's Wedding is being shown yet again on uktv people ! Radio 1 have had a John Peel day for the past 2 years !
However and hooever, I wonder how long that will last, the Radio 1 powers-that-be were no doubt glad he died, and putting up a web page and paying lip-service to a bunch of events to honour King John is a cheap way of pretending to care. Which is no bad thing, as any expensive way of pretending to care would be paid for out of our taxes, via the licence fee.