Friday, November 15, 2002

Friday. didn't go home Tuesday evening, stayed and drank until 3.30 on Wednesday. Arrived at desk on Wednesday and we've been sold to Qad. So all that ambition of the past three years gas fizzled out to nothing and basically I'm back where I started, probably in Merry Hill, if there is a job for me that is. So depressed. Yesterday I went to a meeting in Solihull with the Personnel manager of TRW telling us nothing really. Not even sure we can keep the cars. So anyway, drive down awful, came off the M6 at Stafford and went cross country, don't know if that was any quicker or not. Drove back up M42 & M1, then out meandering north of Leeds, to Bingley & over moors to Todmorden.
Then did some turbo work, then a couple of pints, then wasted �180 (How fucking much ? Twat). Well that was good for a long talk. Then back in the bar until 2.00. Not as late as Tuesday but feel wasted now. Idiot. Wish I had seen H.

Monday, November 11, 2002

The weekend was OK. Saturday up early and two medium hours, sunny but very wet roads, it peed down Friday night. Round Catshill, Worms Ash, Timberhonger to Elmbridge, Wychall and Stoke Prior to Tardebigge. Took David to the climbing wall, we're both rusty, last time there was 2000 I think.
Sunday out in rain and mist, got soaked when a car splashed me by KN golf club. Met a few at Beckets, rain stopped on the way to Gt. Alne. Left 'em early and home on my own. Call of h on Friday evening, she was ill & in hospital on Thursday, not feeling good.