Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Arrived home not too full of zeal and neeling lazy. Started on a rurbo session, but just couldn't be bothered. Collect Joanne from college, then had some vodka while I worked on my road bike.
Why ? Why bother with a road bike while I never seem to actually ride on the road ?

Here is a moderate muslim;
Light beatings is fine.

Here is a comical site;
The muslimsis invented everything ! From buckets to bikes, from penecillin to pajamas !
Of course, that inventive mind of people that live in sand and eat dirt while lightly beating their wives !
What that informative site does is say that things invented in the East are muooslimin inventions. Such as cheese, which is first mentioned in Sumarion or Mesopotamian writings, but as that area is in the Middle East, it means cheese was invented by an Arab, thus Arabs are muslims. Except both are wrong. And so it goes on, with tenuous links to stuff that could be vaguely attributed to having come from the East, therefore Arabic, therefore muslim.
And there was me thinking all the muslims ever invented was sand.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Today. Tuesday.
Its an important day !


so lets hear it for; 3.14159265358979323846.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Last Friday I left a comment on some dumb Americans blog. The blog is about how she gave up alcohol when god told her to do so. God tells me to do stuff occasionally, like save for a rainy day or build a big boat to hold lots of animals, but I ignore him.
Pixies and elves also talk to me, encouraging me to set up a new ISA.
Likewise, I ignore them.
Ho hum. Was going to post something else. But I can't remember what, and i must go for a wee.
Ah, aha. Since we in our happy world of UK division od Qedco are managed by the Dutch, we awere assured that UK work from UK customers is for us. So I just been told that some work I was to be doing in Leamington has been superceded by some othe work, from Holland for a spanish customer. No problem, but I don't know who else will do the work in Leamington.
Next up, a piece on BBC news website about Police bloggers being ordered not to express personal opions that go against the Met's rules on social inclusion blah blah blah. So to say black men commit more muggings or some muslims are terrorists is naughty. Or to even dare suggest that people that commit lots of crimes are bad people is just not on, I mean, criminals have the same human rights as thier victims.
So, this weekend I didn't go out, again. Drank a few tins of lager on Saturday. Joanne came back yesterday evening.
Weight 84kg this morning. Hmm, at least this suit is more comfortable now I've come down from 86kg. Still, as all I did was some press-ups and Swiss ball work on Friday evening, thats little wonder my weight isn't coming down. That, plus the lager and large bag of chipsticks I consumed on Saturday evening.
Saturday morning I went out with David first to Speeds in Bromsgrove where a dumb spotty youth told me they don't stock Dura-Ace cables, so to try Halesowen Cycles, got some cables & decent outers, but decided I would order some proper Dura-Ace from Parkers and fit that, the bike is good, so lets fit the best. Then we built Davids new wardrobe.