Saturday, November 12, 2005

Saturday in November.
Blimey. Went on hols, went to Becketts to buy bacon & cheese. Ikea for a miserable plod round.
Then took David for a brilliant walk in Wolfscote Dale, Derbyshire. Excellent day. Then on the last Saturday I got up to do a little plod, up to Man in Moon & then going round up the pavement to avoid traffic by Mill Lane was going down the kerb and fell off. Really hurt my hip. Couldn't walk on it. Bad weekend. Went to docs on Tuesday, got painkillers because he reckons I sprained my groin. 2 weeks ago and I'm only just getting about now, with the help of a stick.
Shit, shit shit. Painkillers dull the crappiness of life though. Discovered a new tv gem, Trailer Park Boys, about the antics of some ne'er do wells on a Canadian trailer park.
Thats how pathetic my life is. Got an email from Hazel the other day, not replied yet.
Planning on going back to work on Monday.