Thursday, January 27, 2005

Oh !
Last week, Wednesday or Tuesday? I bought Half-Life 2. what a brilliant game ! Excellent
realistic landscape, characters, story. The best ever. I thought doom III was the best, but Half-Life 2 trounces it in every feature.
Now I have got in fromt of David, I feel even better !
And last Wednesday evening drove down to Dartford, stayed at Black Prince Holiday Inn, drank 2 bottles of wine. Then worked in Dartford on Thursday, 10 years to the day I was also working at the same place in Dartford. And I even found a program being run there that I worked on, 24th Jan 1995. Ha.
Much has happened since my last blog.
Blogging is now the most popular thing, ever, according to the 'media'.
Boris Johnson has a blog.
Weekend - Friday I felt so depressed, difficult to say exactly wht, many reasons, work mostly.
But the media does say that many people are depressed on 24th Jan. I cheered up on that day !
Mrs. C. said she wasn't happy with all the time I spend cycling, which is odd, as I don't do much of that activity just now. That helped my depression along.
Saturday me & David put some floorboards down in the loft. Sunday, not a lot.
Monday up to the Chicken co. in Thorne. Unpleasant drive there through the snow showers.
Then booked a hotel in Manchester as I was going to see Hazel and didn't really want a late drive back down the M6.
Booked in, showered & changed. Went to Trafford Centre and bought a t-shirt and shirt for an incredible low price in the sales from Selfridges, and some wine.
Drove to see Hazel, when i mentioned I was staying the night, she said she would join me !
How good. She really does love me. Now I realise that, what next ?
Tuesday had a drive round Dales, then called to see Doctor with backache, so had 2 days off.
Back in the office today.