Friday, October 25, 2002

Friday & crap. Got a slight cold (wimp) drank 'till early this morning at the Swallowfield, now I'm guilt-ridden for once again abusing my body. Monday night was fun except I drank loads of bottles of lager. Tuesday I felt so crap that I rang in and took the day as holiday. Had a drive round the Trough of Bowland, nice moorland then into the office. Went to the fun filled circuit training and felt crap there. (word of the week; crap). Wednesday took Joanne to look at Aberystwyth University. I like it whatever. Nice drive there and back. Went past Devils Bridge going home, last time I went past there was on a YHA tour in 1976. What a long time ago, 26 years.
Yesterday just work. Today the same except I took car in for a service. Er, thats as exciting as it gets. Well, here goes, I'll say what I usually say, I must moderate my drinking. Har, fucking har.
Yes, again I will soon be going onto whatever training schedule my new coach sets. And at seventeen quid a month it had better work. But I will have to put plenty into it, including a sensible diet. At least I didn't scoff lots of crisps last night, just some cheese toasties.

Monday, October 21, 2002

mOndAY fucking Monday. Crappy drive here. Traffic on M56 & M60 was bad. And I started out in the dark. The early part of the M6 was like driving through a tunnel. All I could see was the road & traffic, either side was utterly dark. Just think, as the year stutters to a close it gets worse, and I won't see the light of day until March. Sod. Well just feel a general uneasiness about everything. Mid-life crisis or just this work ? Or Hazel ? Anyway. Saturday morning finished off the winter bike and put the patio furniture away. Boo hoo, that means no more evenings sitting out watching the sky turn dark drinking wine. Went for a spin on the new bike, with its' 25c tyres and mudguards and great heavy forks (I bet they weigh more than my race frame) it felt a bit sluggish. Sunday out and went on the club run. It was supposed to be a social ride. To Alvechurch, Barnt Green & up hill to Rednal, lost a guy who turned off, too hard a pace for him. Over to Belbroughton & to cafe in Stourport (Not the old one, a new one by some locks). Rain got heavier, it started becoming noticable in Belbroughton. Back to Hartlebury, Dodford, Catshill, left 'em just before Barnt Green, Hopwood. Felt really shattered. I like to think it was the heavy bike and thick tyres. Spent the rest of the afternoon lying on bed, dozing.