Monday, September 04, 2006

What a funny place. Virtually all the signs were bi-lingual. Which was odd, especially in Pembrokeshire, often called the Little England Beyond Wales as so many English were settled there by the Normans.
I wonder how many speak that backwards language, Welsh, that is all that remains of the
language spoken by the backward tribes of Britain that could not assimilate with the
Romans/Angles/Saxons that made England ?
What what what ?
Lack of blog over past couple of weeks caused by holidays.
Went on a brilliant ride on Cannock Chase with David on Tuesday a couple of weeks ago.
Neat mtb centre on Cannock chase, at Birches Valley centre, theres a Swinnertons bike shop, excellent stuff. The track we rode was bloody difficult technical single-track with berms, jumps and a raised wooden trackway, that David fell off, but was smart enough to jump off into the softish ground and was OK.
New pedals work well.
Off the booze, again, on Mrs Cs orders.
David passed some GCSEs;
3 A*s, 2 As, 3 Bs, 2 Cs.
Science Double - 2 A*
Design Technology - A*
Maths - A
Music - A
History - A
English Lang - B
English Lit - B
Religion - B
French - C (ha)
Geology - C (took last year)

Went out on Friday and did a decent ride, over to top of Lickeys, back to Rubery, over Waseley bridlepath, up steep path to side of Lickey, back down home after buying some mtb shorts.

Saturday holiday. Through Stourport to Leominster.
Felt a bit fed up as couldn't drink much. Sunday was hot so went on the beach at
Wisemans Bridge, paddled and had a nice easy day in the sun.
Monday cooler, went to a place that did air pistol target shooting, archery, robot wars and clay pigeon shooting.
David beat me at everything ! Decided to have a go at real clay pigeons, with a
real shotgun, David wants to buy an air pistol.
Tusday parked at Saudersfoot, then we walked to Wisemans Bridge along the beach, to amroth along the coast path.
It starts raining at Amroth. Walked back to Wisemans Bridge along the beach, bit of
a struggle for Mrs C over the rocks. Then back to Saundersfoot. Phew. 6 1/2 miles.
Wednesday went to Tenby, then eat in Pirate cafe in Amroth.
Thursday a drive to Freshwater Bay West, a really nice beach, it was cool and cloudy but had a nice wander.
Then to Pembroke, looked round castle. Went to Saundersfoot, bought 4 tins of Special Brew. Ugh, bad stuff.
Friday went to Wisemans Bridge beach again, nice laze. Eat at Pirate place again.
Saturday home in torrential range. Went over the Black Mountain to try and find a cave, stopped to get a sandwich and got soaked just going to get food from back of car !
Got sort of lost and ended up on the M40 by Swansea, found our way to cave by Ystradllfellte or some other such unpronouncible place. Walked down to look at it in pouring rain. Soaked again. Drove rest of way sitting on a towel.
Back to Brecon, usual route home via Leominster and Bewdley.
Now back in the office. Ugh.