Friday, October 03, 2003

Tuesday went up to the ChickenPluckers. Stopped Tue and Wed at the unromantic Travelodge, stuck on the motorway services. Had a nice drive over the Humber Bridge on Tuesday eve. Stopped and walked half-way over. It was almost dark but nice all the same.
Wednesday had a drive out by Beverly and to Hull. Then drank too much wine in my lonely hotel room.
Thursday went over to Manchester. Stopped at the Travelodge near Oldham & saw Hazel.
Today back down the M6. Oh boo hoo.
No track this evening. Oh boo hoo once again.
Depressed now, as ever was.

Monday, September 29, 2003

Here are the comments from VR on my mighty winning ride;

From 'Dark Helmet':
I have to report that Mr. Coghill in brilliant style (the very style that has been lacking all season ) with great panache and ´┐Żlan ripped the legs off a quality field to gain the distinction of winning the final event of the final FNTL

From Pete H;
Well done Malc!! In fact well doen to all - another great purple season and thanks to John Harris and all who take time out to get it all slick - apart from the devil judging that is.

From Foxy;
Coggy........what a ride in the hare and hounds. Didn't know you had it in you !. Stick it to those purple helmets !!

Another week has groaned and wound its horrible course. But a mixed week of highs and quite literally, lows.
Week in chronological order;
Tuesday: In office, followed by an hour on the turbo. Hard, 50 minutes of building up to 80% of Mhr, dropping to 60%, build up, etc.
This was harder than I imagined it would be. Oh yes, and watching 'At home with Chris Eubank' on the portable telly.
Wednesday, up early and off up North ! Not the North West, Thorne. Fun at the chicken pluckers. In the evening headed west, made the edge of the Pennines to come off the M62 by the mast and watched the sky over Winter Hill, with a slash of red from the setting sun. Found a Tescos off M62, 2 bottles of red and crisps.
Thursday rushed off to Rusholme and met Mo for a meal, then to see Hazel for a couple of pints in a couple of pubs in Gatley. Nice evening.
Friday seemed to find a way out of the horrible 3D 'spreadsheet' impasse. Left early, back down the motorways and off to the track.
Saturday, out for a pleasant spin, I forget where. I think Rednal, Alvechurch, Bransons Cross, Tanworth, Wood End, Wythall, Gay Hill & home throgh main roads. Mowed lawns. Bought lots of tins of Boddingtons from Sainsburys, and drank 'em.
Sunday, up at 0630. To Wythall. Rode 2-up 25 TT with David Lloyd-Langston (Pic). Did 1.06.52. Home, then to Lea End. Rode Midland RT hill climb. Did 3.15.2. Last year did 2.40. That would have got me the win this year, Peter did a 2.50 something, but my legs hurt and I just didn't feel motivated.
Home. Collected Dad for dinner.
Bought 6 tins of Stella, drank 'em.
Lows; pretty well all the start of the week. Worried about getting the 3d programme working. And work in general.
Highs; seeing the sky over Winter Hill on Wednesday evening. Meeting Mo for a curry on Thursday. A nice quiet drink with Hazel.
Friday - rode 10 lap scratch, no good. It was cold and I just had my skinsuit, no arm/leg warmers ! Rode 500M sprint, no good, just couldn't get going. 12 lap points race, got away and won a lap !
Final event of the final night of the track league; lots of spectators. A 30 lap (at 20.50 in the freezing cold !) hare and hounds. The 6 A cats started with us 15 or so B cats half a alp in front. After a few laps we were down to 5 B cats and 4 As, then 2 A's as they were dropped. For 10 or so alps we worked hard, through and off, half a lap each, we caught the 2 A's. With 2 laps to go I decided to attack, came down off the banking, opened a short lead, kept working, heard Rob announce I had a 50M lead so went for it, going through the bell it was hurting but the crowd were cheering like mad ! I had no idea about the gap, I wasn't going to look ! Pushed it really hard, into the final banking, hammered along the home straight and won !
The crowd were cheering wildly, Rob led them on ! That was a hell of a burst ! Winning the big race ! Lots of congratulations !
I'll have some more of that next year !
Sunday rode the 2-up, kept dropping Pic, so slowed the pace. On the hill climb I had enough. Just rode hard, didn't really push it.

Was second but only Peter was a real contender, he beat me by 25 seconds. At the finish he was well knackered !
Well, what will the week bring now ?
Must finish off my on-line tax return today at the latest.