Friday, November 05, 2004

Hold up, its 2 weeks since my last post on these hallowed tablets of technology. 21st October, the Thursday. In the morning I was worried I would'nt get my car back. Well I didnt. But I set up off the M6 anyway. To Didsbury and met a nice petite lady, and an evening of fun, fun, fun ! Blimey. Back down the M6 Friday, got my car back. Drank loads Friday.
Now 1 week holiday. Drank loads Saturday night.
Bed early sunday. The rest of the week ? High points - fucking hell, don't know. Ikea ? Not being able to breathe after using the carpet cleaner ?
Getting unfitter and fatter ? As the week went on, had calls off the office. The Swiss thing is definite. Tickets booked, going on Sunday.
Monday and down to Dardford, yippee ! Boo ! lap top broke. Went to office on
Tuesday, got worried, mod bay OK but who knows ? Went home in the evening.
had it fixed, drove back to Dartford and worked until 10.30.
Thursday, hard work. Nice talk to Hazel, then hit the bar for Stella and Smirnoff Ice.
Meetin Hazel at the airport Sunday afternoon, I hope.