Tuesday, April 14, 2009

First blog of 2009, 4 months into the year, lazy or what ?
The boy is happily ensconsed in Wales working in a testing laboratory of an automotive oil filter maker. Most automotive makers in the UK are shedding workers like mad, but not them, not yet. He has only maybe 4 more months there, then he is off to University.
A real university ! Not an ex Poly or Further education college or whatever they used to be. Not that Polytechnics were bad, they were good, no, they were excellent. Somewhere to get a part-academic, part-practical education, so why did they feel the need to pretend they are universities ? Oh, i see, the government want lots of people to have a university education. So lets make all places that educate over-eighteens into universities and let them grant degrees, job's a good 'un. So now we have thousands of university educated youngsters with degrees that are working as shop assistants and clerks. Excellent.
Job here is looking shakier than a very wobbly shaky thing. Clinging on, just about. 2 big projects finish in June, so afer that ?
Cycling - ha. Bought bits to build up a low-pro TT bike on my old Look frame, but so far only fitted the old Shimano c/s. did a couple of mtb rides over christmas, and one with the Boy last week.
Wieght - 91 Kg.
Probably as unfit as I have ever been in my life.
Plan is to ride more.
Worked in Basildon a few times, then a couple of days in Windsor and a lot of days in Southall at the sugar puff factory.

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