Friday, January 13, 2006

Took Kitty to the vets yesterday evening. She didn't really know where she was. Jayne held her, wrapped in an old crocheted blanket Mum made a long while ago, sort of fitting, really. Shes lived with us since 1987. Joanne came along with Jordan, she came with us to discuss the options with the vet, there was only 1 option. We could have given her injections to perk her up, but that would delay the inevitable and who knows how she was feeling. So Joanne left, I signed a euthanasia form and she struggled when the vet tried to find a vien in her leg, so he gave her a sedative injection, she relaxed after a couple of minutes and he gave her the injection and she peacefully stopped breathing.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Kitty has been ill since October 2004, so she has really survived a lot longer than I thought.
But she is almost 19, and has really gone downhill for the past week, and yesterday she has trouble walking and today she can't settle and isn't interested in food, it seems almost the best thing for her would be to take her to the vets.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Oh. Dear.
Such a long time since I last blogged. Thats because I'm incredibly lazy.
What has transpired; Christmas, a pair of carbon fibre wheels, but now thinking about taking the rear one back to have one with a one-side-only hub.
Drank a moderate amount of red wine, and a few bottles of Deuchars IPA. Eat a terrific amount of crisps and other such junk, which explains why i am now 84.4Kg instead of the 80Kg I expected to be. Did no riding at all, because of a, laziness and b. cold weather. -8 one evening and -3 was the highest during the day for the start of the week. didn't go anywhere or do anything.
Got a text off Hazel on my old mob, a general happy new year type message, so i replied on my new number and said 'is that all i mean to you'. Then had quite a few texts which i didn't read, and an unexpected call last Tuesday. She was trying to contact me on my old mob.