Monday, June 14, 2004

And oh, had problems with laptop on Friday, I've lost my week.xls, the history of work since June 1999 ! 5 years almost to the day and its gone. Boo hoo.
Monday and a long time since last blog.
so on the Friday of my last blog, rode the track, had a go in the points race but didn't get in the 1st 4. Saturday, er, did a little ride and drank wine. Sunday, went to the Botanical Gardens, a really nice day out.
Monday worked at home as we had the hob fitted. did intervals and a steady ride.
Tuesday did a steady ride.
Wednesday nothing, Thursday up to Manchester. Friday back. Went to the track, two races before the rain came down, so into the bar for a talk and a couple of beers. Met Dave L, blimey hes put some weight on.
Saturday got in a 30 mile plod, then wine. Sunday did pursuit training on the track, for next weeks Div. Champs, we are in the team pursuit. Tee hee. Like a bag of spanners.
Bought beer and sat in garden drinking it.
Today ? Work.