Friday, February 14, 2003

Friday. In the office at Merry Hill.
What more can I say ? Valentines day. So far nothing for me and unlikely until next week. When I plan a visit to Manchester. Hard work previous two nights on the turbo, combination sessions which were; Wednesday, 2 mins 100 rpm, 30 secs flat-out, 1 min 100 rpm, 30 secs flat-out, 2 mins easy. Repeat 12 times. Yesterday evening was 20 secs flat out, 2 mins 100 rpm, 20 secs flat out, 1 min 100 rpm, 20 secs flat out, 30 secs 100 rpm 3 mins easy. Repeat 10 times. 1 hour 20 mins. Wednesday I had dinner, then started the session at about 19:50, finishing after 21:00. I didn't sleep too well and it took a long time to fall asleep, probably I hadn't wound down sufficiently to relax. Yesterday I finished at 20:30, slept much better.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

This is very unhealthy, I have been looking at the past, especially the past 4 years in Horwich a lot of late. Looking back is never good, I really must shake this off and be more positive. So we failed to become anything at TRW, that isn't my fault. I probably earned more income over the past 4 years than ANY other member of the ISCS team, being fully charged out at up to $1000 a day. So my efforts and resourcefulness brought in a steady income. Its not down to me that Paul got redundancy and is now in Ingersoll doing what I should be doing ? So I have performed well above expectations. So where do I go from here ? The past year has been uncertain with TRW getting bought out, the source licence negotiations all making me realise that TRW aren't interested in us. Which they weren't as the sale to Qad proved. So at least we were sold rather than being shut down. So what now ? Just stay doing what I'm doing at Qad ? Or pastures new ? As we are in a recession and IT jobs are few and far between its not a good time to look around.
Hey hey !
Got drunk Monday night. So instead of 40 minutes on the turbo I went to Sainsburys, bought a bottle of Kentish beer, a bottle of red, a bag of black pepper crisps and went home and consumed. While listening to various tunes & looking around the internet. Washed down with a glass of Kahula & Irish Cream. Ugh. Bed at 0100, not bad !
On Tuesday nothing to do, so 'worked' at home. Took Joanne to college, drove aimlessly around including driving up the steep bit of Ryknild Street, which when I first rode up it in 1981 was nicely tarmacced, but is now turning into a track. Then had a nice spin around Hopwood, Bittel Lane, Uplands, Cobley Hill, Rowney Green, Watery Lane. Which is a lot less watery as the ditches either side have been dug out and the drainage improved.
Circuits at Primrose Hill, horrible, 1 minute star jumps, 1 min. squats, 1 min. press-ups, 1 min squat thrusts, 1 min. stars, 1 min rest. Then 1 min sit-ups, 1 min dorsal raise, 1 min ab-curls, 1 min crunches, 1 min dorsal raise, 1 min rest. Then did that 2 more times ! Then gear5 at 100 rpm 1 min, down to 5, did 5 times. Talked to H on mob. Then home for food & shower.
Missed the North on Monday, getting used to it now.

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Last word...........

The way I like it is the way it is,
I got mine, dont worry bout his.
Get up, get up. get on up.
Oh, and yes, James Brown. What can I say ?
Get up, get on up, like a sex machine...
Hello blogland. Well I am weel and truly not in Horwich. Listening to Groove Armada at home.
I think myslf, Astrid, Armano, Mo, Hazel, John, Lynne, the lads from the Swallowfield, will all meet up in Valhalla. Or else I'll just die in an alcoholic dream.
Paul has now 5 months, thats until August, at Horwich. Sod, that should be my time. Hazel texts that she will be mine, but I would rather she was mine and I was in Horwich. Oh shit, another misplaced life for me. Once it was Scotland, now I thought I grew up and its Lancashire.
So, will I go to her and all that entails ?
Saturday did SEVEN sprints up Gorcott. Not good, could only hit 96% max heart rate. Sunday, er, a memorial service to Marc killed by a drunk driver. Which I found veru upsetting being a drunk driver myself. Then an odd ride round the back of Coventry. where I worked in the 80s, and Leamington wheer I worked today. Eh ?
The clothes that I wear, the colour of my hair (none) I'm a rocker.
Er no, bring on the Upsetters, Dollar in the Teeth. Good on yer Ska.