Friday, November 29, 2002

Well apart from the initial relief I felt of not losing my job I don't imagine this new way will be to my liking. For the past 4 years I have pretty well arranged my own life, the work part of it anyway. I feel thie guy now my boss won't let me do this. Is he going to want to keep tabs on me all the time ? I'm not going to work under those conditions, maybe it would have been better to get the redundancy money and gone off on my own. My continued income wouldn't be any more risky running my own business than working for that company. But whatever, I'll just sit tight, do my job and see what transpires over the next couple of months. I hope Paul isn't for the chop, that would be a shame to loose such a good guy. I don't care about Lee, I didn't really know Steve, and Vince never stopped talking.
That was an interesting morning. Drove down to Solihull, felt OK about the day, but when I arrived I found we were all being called in to see our new MD and the HR manager. The first three called in were made redundant. That was very worrying. Then my boss said thats it, he can say now those that have gone are the only ones here to go today. There are two on holiday, so I wonder about them. Oh well, what goes around comes around. Back with pretty well the same bunch we sold off 4 years ago. So what a waste those 4 years were, in retrospect. But if I had got redundancy, 4 months pay tax-free would have been good, paid off my debts, bought a car, alp-top and mobile and set up a company and started at I-R self-employed on a big amount of money and no-one breathing down my neck, as I feel is going to happen in the new paradigm.

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

The thing about my children.....
I just can't work my daughter out. I suspect her boyfriend has left or is about to leave college. Now this is pretty damn stupid, for two reasons. The first is his career, if he don't go on to take his A' levels and returns next year, he has lost a year of his life. Secondly and more to the point this will influence my daughter, she keeps saying she is fed up with college. I suspect she is lazy and the work is getting to her. Well it sure don't get easier. If she carries on missing time she will scrape through with poor grades. Just like me. Then get into a less than decent Uni. Unlike me, as I decided to go to work after a few months of XIth form studies. Or did I never plan to go ? Its all so long ago. I found a 1973 and 1974 diary, and I was surprised how often I skived lessons. So at least she is taking after me there. Which worries me, there is a lot of me she shouldn't take after, over consumption of alcohol, and other such poor behaviour.
TuesdayBlog. God, I hate this job sometimes. Mostly all times for the past year, no, for the past year and 4 months. Fuck, what a long time of my life to spend hating what I do. I'm falling into a depression that I just can't seem to lift myself out of. Now almost everything in my life seems bad, relationships, even cycling is a pain. Struggled on Sunday. Well I hope after a few more weeks of turbo training I will start getting fitter. Oooh, a note of optimism. I just can't make my mind up about the sell-out, I think the best thing to do would be to put it out of my mind alltogether, and what ever happens on Friday is a couple of days away, and I have the rest of the week to slog through. And what a slog, 1 3/4 bottles of wine yesterday evening, at least I got to bed at a decent hour, about 0030 I think, and had a half-decent nights sleep. I took a big glass of wine back to my room, and some biscuits. I eat most of the biscuits, but poured the wine away. Oh and had steak and chips earlier. Might do that again on Wednesday or Thursday evening. Probably Wednesday would be better as I have to get out early on Friday morning to get to the office for 11.00. For meetings. With our new owners. Later I'm off down the motorway to get back for circuit training and a ramp test.

Monday, November 25, 2002

Monday. Sort of eventfull few days since last Wed. Wednesday evening went and drank lots of beer. Until about 0100, not too bad. Thursday did nothing whatsoever at work. Making up for that today by doing lots and lots. Thursday evening eat a XL double bacon cheeseburger and tried to get early to sleep. Which I couldn't as I suppose the meeting was knawing away at the back of my brain. Friday nice clear drive down to Solihull. Met people from qad. Nothing really sorted, looks likely we'll keep our cars for the time being at least. Saturday off early over Gambolds, begings raining heavily, then hail along the road at by Lower Bentley, it hurt ! Rain stops round about Tardebigge.
Sunday off to meet lads but they went at 0900. Which turned out OK as they went over Snowshill, what would be 80 miles for me, too far. Just Mark Wilkes turned up later, so a hard 53 miles with him giving it welly on the hills.
Today, I've found the arse that plays crappy music loud, as he is now almost opposite me. Which is a pain as I've put on music with earphones, damaging my knackered ears even more. Arsehole, it would be that git, I'd like to kick his arse, real hard. Oh, and maybe punch him in the gob for good measure.