Saturday, January 05, 2008

So this is Christmas, and what hav...
bollocks. Bit past Christmas. Now 2008, the New Year.
Buggerybollocks, my life is as fucked as ever. Laptop knacked, no idea of where I'm going, or what I will be doings, I have truly allowed events to control me. Ho hum that was never the case, but age seems to be making me into a lazy fart that can't be bothered. So things happen and I am at the mercy of the usual sort of random events that hit us. I have the residual ability as a good bike racer, even at almost 52 years I can beat youngsters, but prefer wine and women to training. So thats can't last much longer, that springiness in my step, that ability to bound up mountains, did it last year, and a had a walk around the Clent Hills with the boy and could still outpace him. Thats not right, a 51 year old able to outrun a 17 year old.