Monday, March 14, 2005

Poem number 1. Which I emailed to Hazel. Shes read it, but no reply about it.

Title - Sky
A glimpse through a car window fleeting
of blood-red sky
not soft sunset red
but sullen, menacing crimson
blood-red, ruby-red, angry.

A sliver of sky on the far horizon
above yonder rolling hills
is there so defined and clear
so full of meaning and clarity,
yet when the view is seen once more
the sky is grey and darkening.

Is this a portent of things to come
of half-seen hopes and hidden danger ?
of truth and lies and doubt,
glimpsed on lifes horizon
but like the sunset sky, never to bee seen again ?
Another Monday. In the office.

So what has transpired since last I put fingers to keboard in the blog ?
The week after the enjoyable Revolution 8 evening with Hazel I gave a three day training course. On the Thursday I went went up to stay in Didsbury with Hazel and took her presents, one of which was a fancy figurine of an angel. 80 quids worth. Am I a mug ?
Saturday I coulnd't get through, so finally send her a nasty email saying; I'm gullible but not that gullible. She replied right away but I ignored her. On sunday evening I was at the Hilton in Dartford. So replied then. All OK. But I think sometimes I am taken in by her. For instance I texted her Saturday, then got a reply saying shes at ther sisters. No respones initially from her on sunday, just when I began to think. 'oh no, here we go again' I got through. Then she mentions Saturday she was out on the town. Hmm, must have forgot she told me she was at her sisters.
So last Monday and Tuesday in Dartford, bought her some more links for the bracelet for 'the father of the lads', An A, G and C. So what about Eloise, who is her father ? What I should do is ask Eloise why Hazel really split from her husband.
On tuesday I went home the long way round from Dartford, via Manchester, give her some flowers and the links.
Friday moring I got a text saying she had collected the eternity ring after getting it re-sized, but the rubies seem pink. Oh bollocks, another problem.
So its all uncertainty and doubts as far as I am concerned. I'm in Rochdale the rest of the week, lets see how much she really wants to see me this week. If she seems disinclined to stay with me I'll maybe end it all.
Ha ha, rode a 2-up with Ryan yesterday. Not good, because;
1. I forgot my gloves,
2. The course was all motorway islands,
3. i'm not very fit !
So after 20 minutes riding where my hands froze solid (I really hate that, cold hands reminds me of the misery of standing around football pitches on games afternoons at school) I had to give up and went back to the start. It was about 4 C.

So, lets see what the coming week brings for my relationship with Hazel.