Friday, December 15, 2006

Wanker of the week

No, not Wanker of the Week, Wanker of all time, ever, the cunty pretend-cockney cunt. The fucking cunting cunt. Why don't he talk properly as someone of his education should, and not sound like some sub-chav Esturine prat.
Its Friday and the day of the office party.

In fact two parties, wine, pizza and a quiz in the office this afternoon, then a mini-bus to Birmingham, where I will hie my way to the Market Tavern to enjoy some punk and alcohol.

So what has transpired ? Last weekend, did 15 or more miles in the wet and cold on Saturday, trip computer not working right, clothes uncomfortable, wheels not right as my rear one kept rubbing no matter how I adjusted it.
Sunday did 22 miles, legs felt knackered coming up Hopwood hill. Chain creaked but I really enjoyed it.
Monday felt bad. Tuesday in Swinton, texted H to say i would see here and buy her a present on Wednesday. Lukewarm text, I feel, back. Pizza surrounded by perma-tanned women in Isis, two bottles of wine and some vodka.
Worked Wednesday morning, then to look for a compass in Snow and rock on Princes Parkway. Called her, no reply so left a message saying i can't make it. Text later. Went to drive to Peak District, traffic jam at top of M57 so went back to Stockport, decided to got to Betsy-Coed to try and buy a compass. Went along M56, Denbigh, over the moors in dusk and rain to Betsy-Coed. First shop I went in, Ultimate Outdoor, had a Silva type 54 !
Long drive back in the dark.
Ho, hum. Came here by train, walked from Cradley Heath. A brisk 3 miles. Sat on the train from snow hill and erased all Hs texts and details. Thought it was too good to last.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Good News !

Tooled-up Middle Classes

No that I advocate keeping a pistol handy, but if its me or a thug, I want to ensure I win.