Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Wednesday. Monday I knocked back a bottle of red and a half litre bottle of Smirnoff Ice. Whilst listening to New Order mostly. I left the office at 5.15 and hied me over to Leamington for fun until 21.00. Got some wine etc on the way home, and drank it.
Tuesday felt fine, into the office, asked to go to Leamington, but no, I am going to turbo training. So put that off to the morning. The turbo session was murder, 6 (SIX) sets of 3rd, 2nd, top for 1 minute each with resistance, 5 lfat out 20 seconds from a standing start big gear with more resistance then 5 sets of 5 minutes best pace in 3rd from top with resistance. Legs hurt after that. Worried this morning at Leamington as I thought it would drag out and I would miss tonights session at Wood End. The first evening ride this year ! Hip hip hurrah, less turbo more road ! Its no easier but a lot less boring.

Monday, March 31, 2003

Monday, no Tuesday. Ruining a good accumulation of fitness by alcohol. Oh well. Listening to New Order. The best band ever.
So, Manchester, that rainy city has really got to me. And the people. The place. I am almost in thrall to that grey Nothern expanse. No. I am in thrall to that city of expanding horizons, the city of Northern light. But don't forger Dartford, and Swindon ! Well lets try.
Broke yet another tooth, when wil they all fall out ?
Monday. Well, Sat I went and put in my pc to Zodiac in Cotteridge for repair and guess what. When I was faffing about with the power supply I must have moved the video card as the guy rang up later and said 'its fixed'. The upshot was the video card wasn't in right. Anyway, the USB card I had from Scan was no good, it wouldn't load the drivers, so I just bought one off Zodiac, they installed the drivers and all is good.
Went out a steady plod on Sat morning around Rubery and Dodford, then a plod around Rynnild Street later.
Sunday, Arghh, the BC National Masters series. A hilly course, 55 miles which isn't exactly a long way but with the hill and the flat-out echelon descent it was ! Finished 57th out of 90 starters, lots didn't finish. 15th in my age group. Well oopsy doopsy do, should have done better.