Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Oh yes. Lost my mobile in a taxi, so yesterday was given a new cheapo Nokia, and now on O2.
Ho hum. Serves me right for losing it. Had a mail off Hazel, she went in hospital Monday, she did have a stroke, now they have to find out why she did. Blimey, hope it all gets sorted out.
Went to show Dad my car last night, took him for a drive. Slept badly, worried about all the shit going down here falling out of Athens and the cunt in their head office.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Tuesday. And almost a week later.
Drank nothing on the Wednesday evening, a takeaway pizza in my room. Pain in the arse working with some people here. A sneaky git that won't rally say anything to my face then shits on me to his boss, and mine. He sent an email criticising what I have done here.
Lost my fone !
Yes, as I was saying. Had to see personel, the lovely HR manager to sort out a new mobile.
And a new number.
Right, back to the plot, the sneaky git at the start of this final month sent an email to his boss criticising me, the day after the financial director thanked me for the work I did, and after I struggled in on the 1st Monday and tuesday, ill. Ho hum.
It all went downhill from there, I was dis-inclined to work long hours. Not a happy bunny.
Anyhoo, Thursday another take-away pizza and quiet night. Friday yippee ! back to home ! Lost my mobile in the taxi home from the airport, dammit.
Never mind, had vague feelings of unease all weekend.
Worked at home Monday, until fone rings and they had yet another critical email off Greece. New car arrives so decide to go into office.
Saturday morn sent an email to Hazel hoping all is well, and saying I lost my mobile. Went on msn later, she was on, didn't take any notice of me, sent a message saying 'the flowers were a waste of time' logged off, then deleted the message she sent me later.
Well I got the new car, so far so good.