Thursday, February 12, 2004

Hello dear blog.
Favourite tune this week is something by an ex-member of Blur, the guitar is just so good ! Only realesed on 7 inch vinyl, limited to 2500 pressings, but there is
a CD soon, I hope.
So much good music, just like 1999 and 2000.
Tuesday work in Minworth, then home. NO, left at 1600 and up my favourite road of the moment, M6toll, to Wolverhampton and Fred Williams. Well, Mike really.
Collected my track frame and various bits and bobs. White tyres !
Home through shitty traffic. out again, lift of Mrs to meet Mark B at Bulls Head in Kings Norton. My coach, much lager later got taxi home. Blimey, a few pints of lager & I'm pissed.
Wednesday, Minworth, gym for fun pushing heavy weights.
Today, same except a punishing tubo session including 120 rpm and 90 secs best pace big gear. ha hum. And extracted �200 to give towards the newish car.

Monday, February 09, 2004

Personality defect.
Ho yus. thats me. yes sirree bob. a defect. Spent a Sunday evening lookong out from Winter Hill over Manchester feeling a sense of awful ennui. When I could be at home with the family around me.
But no.
Why do i hang onto a dream of excess alcohol at 0200 where i should be in bed asleep recovering from the hard training of the past two days ? I have trained so hard Wednesday turbo, Thursday turbo & circuits, Friday weights,Sat hard road, todat the same.
Today is Sunday. No ! Monday as its 0130 Monday and i'm still drinking.
Friday dear Friday. Went to the gym and pushed some scary weights. Bench pressed 60Kg, leg pressed 175Kg. Little wonder I had all sorts of aches & knee pains over the weekend. Saturday did a 2 hour medium spin to Catshill, lanes to Wychbold, Stoke Works, usual Gambolds route home. Then ! went to get a new (er) car for Mrs. Went to a few car sales lots (were once bomb-site lots a while ago) before fixing on Bourneville (like the chocolate) autos. Sales fellow was an Onion, son of the J. Onion of Parachute regiment fame. looked a bit pissed off in his horrible office where the most exiciting thing happening is a family of boings buying a horrid Nisssan twinky (which is what we bought) as the Metro (old crap) was luckily already sold. I must go & shake his hand. I don't care as it;ll it in the garage with room for me to ride the turbo. Buying a car is a piece of cake, providing I'm in the funds, which I am, but dont want them funds going on some rapidly-depreciating heap of crap for the Mrs to shop in.
Wa hay ! This morning rode to Becketts, easy as the following wind was gale force 8. Sad memorial service, then off to the usual route. Lft 'em at Dod?? south of Bidford. ~OK no problem, had 30 miles to get home. Fucking hell, into a gale. Worst ride home into the teeth of a N gale ever.