Monday, February 09, 2004

Today is Sunday. No ! Monday as its 0130 Monday and i'm still drinking.
Friday dear Friday. Went to the gym and pushed some scary weights. Bench pressed 60Kg, leg pressed 175Kg. Little wonder I had all sorts of aches & knee pains over the weekend. Saturday did a 2 hour medium spin to Catshill, lanes to Wychbold, Stoke Works, usual Gambolds route home. Then ! went to get a new (er) car for Mrs. Went to a few car sales lots (were once bomb-site lots a while ago) before fixing on Bourneville (like the chocolate) autos. Sales fellow was an Onion, son of the J. Onion of Parachute regiment fame. looked a bit pissed off in his horrible office where the most exiciting thing happening is a family of boings buying a horrid Nisssan twinky (which is what we bought) as the Metro (old crap) was luckily already sold. I must go & shake his hand. I don't care as it;ll it in the garage with room for me to ride the turbo. Buying a car is a piece of cake, providing I'm in the funds, which I am, but dont want them funds going on some rapidly-depreciating heap of crap for the Mrs to shop in.
Wa hay ! This morning rode to Becketts, easy as the following wind was gale force 8. Sad memorial service, then off to the usual route. Lft 'em at Dod?? south of Bidford. ~OK no problem, had 30 miles to get home. Fucking hell, into a gale. Worst ride home into the teeth of a N gale ever.


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