Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Weights last night. Bought a big blow-up ball to exercise with from Asda.

Where was I 10 years ago ? Jan 1993 ? (I mean 1994, Jan 1993 I spent in Sacramento)
Working at home with Ian McFarlane. I had the DEC box on the floor and two monitors on the table.
That knackered my dining room chairs having the two of us sitting there all day, for about 5 weeks. This was when I had been

banished from being Development Manager by the bad team of old boys, who put themselves in our places. Me, Andy, Lorraine, we

lasted just less than a year after that.
The usual day was Ian arriving at 9 or so, drinking lots of coffee, then he would go about 5, we would both often go to his local for a

couple of pints.
20 years ago ? Jan 1983 ?
I had worked out a training schedule that was based on 2 mid-week rides, up the California Way to Quinton, then down Mucklows

Hill, through Lye, out the Stourbridge ring road, that was in the early dawn, then along the main road, up over past Manchester Inn,

back over Frankley Beeches. One morning later Jan or early Feb I came off on the corner of our road on ice & cracked my face

open. 4 or 5 stitches I seem to remember.
30 years, 1973. Wait on, its 2004 not 2003 !
So early 1984 I had a better route, Bristol Road, Longbridge Lane, along that rolling road to Kings Norton, and a few laps of that of

an evening.
30 years ago, Jan 1974; Preparing for my A' levels, not riding much, I had a motorbike by then.


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