Thursday, January 15, 2004

I feel so bad today. After an hour on the turbo yesterday evening I did some work, and drank some baileys, then rum.
Put the cat in the kitchen, she made a row, then as I forgot to put her litter tray in she crapped on the floor.
So this morning Mrs finds it, I got up late, had appointment at the bank. Now the cat is banished to the garage and its all my fault.
Had my loan extended, use it to clear off credit cards & my overdraft, �700 ! Bloody Hell, I went over the top on spending at Christmas, as usual.
Now I should come clean about the cat, its not her fault.
With what is left of the loan going into my account I'll buy a track bike. From Fred Williams probably, go there tomorrow morning on the way in to the garden hose people.


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