Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Just realised, I have done this, more or less, for 15 years !
Started at the beginning of 1989 in that office with a view of the gasometers in Aston ! On those pcs where I composed tunes in basic. At least my average earnings have risen at 9% pa, which is pretty good, considering I have not had a pay rise since 2002, and in, I think, from 1991 to 1992 no rise. But when I left Dudley & went To Kingswinford I had a 20% rise, and a flashy Xr3I car as well.
That was nice. In 1999 I had 16% plus the C-RV car. Happy days. Soon brought down to earth with a tax demand over �600 to be paid in less than a month ! My income has been downhill since then, thanks to the growing tax burden. Hell, Am I paying for the welfare state by myself ?
I seem to have cracked the tax problem for our chicken plucking friends up in Yorkshire. Woo Hoo ! At least I will be claiming, er, i estimate, 20 hors OT for that. Or about 12p after tax.


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