Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Today is ..... Wednesday. Exiting or what ?
No, not really.
Not that is isn't Wednesday, its' just not very exiciting.
Tuesday was work, followed by the gym. Heavy weights, erk.
Now I have the chance to do a little bit extra work which should help towards my new track bike. I will go to that shop in Wolverhampton to see about a new frame, or possibly a Ridley from Parkers ?
Weights hurt last night. I expect to be seeing big gains in strength this year. I am somewhat lardy though, Mark says it don't matter, but I disagree. Especially as my suits are too tight. So I need to loose 2Kg from my waist, or about 2cm to make 'em fit.
Ho hum.
Work, don't feel as bad as this time last year. I do miss Horwich, I don't like working in this office but am just getting on with it.


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