Monday, January 18, 2010

Cold and misty today, from mid-December onwards it has been cold and snowy.
Not exactly the mild winter promised by the august body of scientists going by the name of
The Meteorological Office.
Oh, its been re-named as the Met Office. I suppose Meteorological is too big a word for most people nowadays. What a bunch of ignorant sods we are becoming.
Ah weel I suppose February might be hot to make the prediction of a mild winter come true.
Tried an easy crossword from the Telegraph on Saturday, I couldn't even get 1 clue. Is my brain done for ?


Today is, incredibly, yet another sodding Monday with the prospect of more days of work-filled fun and hilarity streching out ahead. Felt really depressed this weekend, I almost went out for a ride on Saturday afternoon, after the horror of shopping in Morrisons early in the morning.
Anyhoo, went and ordered a strip spotlight for the kitcjen, lets hope that installing the damn thing won't be as much a disaster as my pathetic attempt to put some shelves up before christmas; The first hole ( drilled for the heavy-duty rawlplug went OK, but when I put the rawlplug in it just spun around as I tightened it, digging through the plaster. After more attempts I gave up).
Sunday the usual, to the halls of residence to collect the boy, took him to work, saw Dad, then took him back in the evening for dinner (8 is too late for sunday lunch) then back.
No sleep last night, bed at 10.30 but no good, the thought of getting up at 3 must be why, I suppose.
Hied me here to foggy Southall, along a mostly foggy M40. Traffic nice and light at that time.
Must not go for a curry with John at the Indian hotel, I feel bloody sleepy now. According to various news websites, today is the day when people feel most depressed; the weather is usually crap, (its grey, cold and damp), Christmas is forgotten, future fun (Easter and so on) is far away. This never bothered me when I was training, early January was a time to ramp up the miles and think about the coming races. Now all I have to look forward to is a bottle of decent red and some good food, follwed by another bottle of decent red. Thats not good for my poor liver.
All my plans for climbing in the Pyrenees seem to have fallen by the wayside, since 2006 all I have done is;
Jan 2007 - Arans in the snow,
July 2007 - Tryfan, then Tryfan with David,
Aug 2007 - Radnor Forest with David,
Jan 2008 - some v. diffs on Windgather rocks,
Jan 2009 - a long plod over Bleaklow,
Jul 2009 - Brecon Beacon with David (and a knackered toe caused by my 25 year-old boots)
Dec 2009 - Worcestershire Beacon with David.
Not exactly any sort of preparation for 3000M peaks.
Ho hum.


Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A view of the Malverns from South Worcester, January 1st 2010

Blimey. Twenty Ten
Christmas - eat too much, didn't drink that much really, no hangovers ! Which was nice, but pretty boring. Cold, snow and ice, no cycling, not even on the turbo.
Got a Panasonic Lumix G1 digital camera, good pics, far better than the Fuji S9600 I stupidly bought back in 2007. What a poor camera, then when something got inside the lens Fuji said it would cost 99 quid plus post to clean. Ha.

Did a drive out to Watford Gap to het some pics looking North to Lichfield, with the Peak District just about in view on the horizon, then on New Years Eve drove to the Clees for some great pics;

on New Years Day walked up Malvern (Worcestershire Beacon) in the cold and ice;

And today - clear bright morning (at 0800) -3C, then snow most of day, about 4 inches deep right now, and still snowing.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Leicester, a cold Monday in November.
Well, not as cold as it would be without Global Warming. I would have had to dig the car out from a 10 foot drift, so lucky old me I was able to jump in and drive.
I managed to ride my bike over the weekend. Did 20 miles round Hopwood & Redditch Sat, darnk some beer in the evening, and yesterday, in spite of running the boy to work, collecting Dad for dinner, collecting the Boy from work, amnaged 11 miserable cold damp miles, but had to walk up the 1 in 5 hill on Ryknild Street. Damn those Romans, any normal people would have made an easier route up that hill.
Done some sort of riding most weekends, but it simply isn't enoght. I need to do 2 sessions in the week, probably on the turbo, ugh, but better than going out in the dark.
Does anyone actually train in the dark anymore, like we did in the seventies ? There was 20 or 30 blokes on the Mercury Bash some nights, in January in the cold wet and dark.
The days of flickering lights and falling-off lights, lights packed with newspaper to stop the batteries from rattling and losing contact. Ho hum.
Saw Mark E Smith singing at the Theatre Royal in Windsor a couple of weeks ago. I wonder if Her Majesty was there ?
Lovely urinals in that theatre, real old Victorian porcelain.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Today is Wednesday.

And I'm in Leicster. Thats not very exiting. But at least it isn't the office.

The Boy is noy settled into his flat at the Halls of Residence for his next, possibly 4 years if he takes a Masters, in the Groves of Academia.
The biggest problem, i think, is him having to work at the electrical shop, Maplins, all day Saturday and Sunday. The money is sorely needed, but the time lost when he will no doubt want to do other stuff is not so good. Plus the train journey (when they run) is another 2 hours. Plus sunday service is just so unreliable. Plus I agreed to take him on sunday mornings when the trains aren't running. like from now until December.
Anyhoo, since late August I've been riding every weekend, did 35 hilly miles out past Chaddesly Corbett 2 weeks ago, and 32 miles last saturday. Couldn't ride up the 1 in 5 hill to Tapster Mill Valley though. But the view and feeling of being deep in the countryside at the top was splendid, and the blackberries were delicious.
Sunday took the Boy to work, Dad and Joanne to dinner, then did a 12 mile plod around Alvechurch & Watery Lane. So 43 miles weekend in total. Most since 2005 ?

Hopefully going to see the Fall in Windsor tomorrow. Did get a ticket for 2007, but Mrs C was not happy and didn't trust me at that time. Ho hum.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Brecon Beacons from Libanus

Pen y Fan from CornDu;

Pen y Fan & the Boy

Now the Boy has finished his gap year as a lab assistant in a Welshfactory, we did the slog up the awful crumbling pyramid of Pen y Fan, the 2900 foot summit of the Brecon Beacons.

Walked up from the Storey Arms layby, a slog to the top, down sort of by Corn Du. Very crowded on the way up, lots of people walking up, quiter on the way down, much less popular route. The Beacons are made of soft sandstone, erodeding like buggery. They didnt feel like mountains, more like sthe South Downs, a sort of gentle hill that just happened to be forced upwards by the Hercinian thrusts, a sort of accidental range of hills, that were surprised to find themselves so high and are making recompense by washing themselves away, no doubt this will be blamed on global warming.

Its the Promenade Season ! As I'm in Southall next week may well book an evening at Albert hall, probably.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bollocks to everything.
2 of my customers are in trouble, is this the end of the last dregs of the drips that fell off the gravy train of the last few years ? Maybe being penniless might help the Boy get through University, as our lovely Government favour the penniless and dumb and his student loan won't be such a burden to him in years to come.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Things happened- The Boy got made redundant ! In his first ever job !
What a total pisser.
At least he had 10 months good experience, and we are getting him back in plenty of time to prepare for University. He was really enjoying living in Wales and working in a laboratory, I think after only a few days at home he is fed up. At least he put on the kitchen tap I bought.
Now in Southall, OK here, staying at the Indian hotel, just close by is the Punjabi Pub - The Glassy Junction. The beer is crap; lager lager and more lager. Food in the Indian hotel is too good, part of the hotel is what is maybe the best Indian restuarant in West London, the Mehfil. Mmmm, plus they sell Indian wine !

Sula Vineyards
The red is excellent, white is OK but a bit insipid for my greedy alcoholic tastes !
The project with the hoze company is rubbish as they want to run the fancy custom code under, and it don't work.
Next up, Aunty in Hull is being upgraded to the wizzo, that should be fun.
Anyhoo, no cycling, spent the last 2 weekends taking stuff back from Wales, the same for the next 2 weekends.
Off to the hotel for some Indian food and Indian wine. Yippee.