Monday, June 20, 2005

Well, what to say. Lst week I worked, had a couple of beers on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, a nice meal at the Bistro on Friday evening,chicken & cheese & pepper wrapped in bacon.
Saturday I bought a ticket to Methina from Piraeus then saw the soldiers guarding the Greek Parliament with the bobbles on their shoes, wandered around the Temple of Zeus and the Akropolis again. Then stocked up from the supermarket, bed early.
Up at 6 on Sunday, quick breakfast and on on Metro to Piraeus, by the time I arrived the the metro was packed. It seems lots ofAthenians go off somewhere, as this is Pentecost weekend, a religious holiday.
On the boat which was very crowded. Announced something over thetannoy, sounded like Methina, so went to embark, asked a jolly jack tar if this was Methina, he said ' yes Ahina' so off I got. Went to buy a return ticket back to Piraeus, the ticket said Agina to Piraeus. Yes, I got off the boat on the island of Agina, not the town of Methina, so no old volcano to climb. In retrospect probably a good thing, as the slopes looked steep (it was a few miles over the bay) and it was very hot, plus the country off roads and tracks is very rough, covered in little prickly bushes like heather, and lots of big pricklybushes with wicked thorns, thistles and cactus and other sharp things. Maybe snakes and scorpions, though I never saw any.
Went and looked at some Greek ruins, again, (3 Euros). Thought about hiring a bike or a moped, but couldn't get any money. Rang phone bank, I'm 180 quid overdrawn, god job I get paid today. Decided to walk towards the south along a road by the sea, using a map that isn't exactly accurate, went off a road to the centre with ideas of climbing one of the hills (at about 4/500 M). Went along a track that looked to end in someones house, so took off across country, ending up on anther track after climbing a couple of high walls, the track led to a road which looked from the map to zig-zag over the top of the island. Went past a couple of villages, but no tavernas ! Reached almost the other side, changed my mind about climbing a hill because of the rough country and the fact it was blisteringly hot. So made may way back to the port, Sat in a bar and drank 4 beers, on the boat - a high-speed thing with the jet-foils, though not as fast as the thing I went back on last week. Back to Kifissia. Had a couple more beers and steak and chips at Bar 21.
Texted Hazel and home a few times, nonsense about jolly jack tars etc. Hazel sent one back saying please don't drink, and another one suggesting she come over. Hmmm. I don't think so. Then zonked out in bed. Put loads of sun cream factor 30 on, so didn't burn and wore my hat most of the time, though there was a couple of times when I felt ill and ropy, also drank plenty of water.
Today is a holiday, so sitting at the front of the hotel working. Its a hard life. But I think I'll have to go to my room to work, the glare of the sun is too much. Its hot - 94 yesterday, the forecast is for it getting hotter !