Monday, November 09, 2009

Leicester, a cold Monday in November.
Well, not as cold as it would be without Global Warming. I would have had to dig the car out from a 10 foot drift, so lucky old me I was able to jump in and drive.
I managed to ride my bike over the weekend. Did 20 miles round Hopwood & Redditch Sat, darnk some beer in the evening, and yesterday, in spite of running the boy to work, collecting Dad for dinner, collecting the Boy from work, amnaged 11 miserable cold damp miles, but had to walk up the 1 in 5 hill on Ryknild Street. Damn those Romans, any normal people would have made an easier route up that hill.
Done some sort of riding most weekends, but it simply isn't enoght. I need to do 2 sessions in the week, probably on the turbo, ugh, but better than going out in the dark.
Does anyone actually train in the dark anymore, like we did in the seventies ? There was 20 or 30 blokes on the Mercury Bash some nights, in January in the cold wet and dark.
The days of flickering lights and falling-off lights, lights packed with newspaper to stop the batteries from rattling and losing contact. Ho hum.
Saw Mark E Smith singing at the Theatre Royal in Windsor a couple of weeks ago. I wonder if Her Majesty was there ?
Lovely urinals in that theatre, real old Victorian porcelain.

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