Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Today is Wednesday.

And I'm in Leicster. Thats not very exiting. But at least it isn't the office.

The Boy is noy settled into his flat at the Halls of Residence for his next, possibly 4 years if he takes a Masters, in the Groves of Academia.
The biggest problem, i think, is him having to work at the electrical shop, Maplins, all day Saturday and Sunday. The money is sorely needed, but the time lost when he will no doubt want to do other stuff is not so good. Plus the train journey (when they run) is another 2 hours. Plus sunday service is just so unreliable. Plus I agreed to take him on sunday mornings when the trains aren't running. like from now until December.
Anyhoo, since late August I've been riding every weekend, did 35 hilly miles out past Chaddesly Corbett 2 weeks ago, and 32 miles last saturday. Couldn't ride up the 1 in 5 hill to Tapster Mill Valley though. But the view and feeling of being deep in the countryside at the top was splendid, and the blackberries were delicious.
Sunday took the Boy to work, Dad and Joanne to dinner, then did a 12 mile plod around Alvechurch & Watery Lane. So 43 miles weekend in total. Most since 2005 ?

Hopefully going to see the Fall in Windsor tomorrow. Did get a ticket for 2007, but Mrs C was not happy and didn't trust me at that time. Ho hum.


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